Why Getting Your Stress Under Control is Key to Reach Total Wellness

Stress management and adrenal support are essential factors of a total wellness protocol, as they can impact many vital body systems, such as sleep, immune, weight, and digestive health. Stress can be thought of as the demands on us that push our ability to cope with them. While most are mental and emotional, we also need to look at physical stressors, including our environment, cold temperatures, loud noises, and toxic stimuli. The combination of these stressors, especially when experienced long term, can profoundly impact our total wellness, leading to a lack of energy, mood changes, and decreased mental performance. They negatively impact one’s overall health, so it is vital to understand there are healthy protocols to help safely manage stress and its impact on the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

I like to make sure the people I work with support the baton pass from their adrenal-thyroid-hormone systems in the healthiest manner possible. Stress and cortisol response is governed by a complex feedback loop that starts in the brain with the hypothalamus and pituitary. The glands release chemical messengers that tell the adrenal glands how much cortisol to release in response to everyday physiological needs and stress levels. Incorporating an adrenal support protocol may support the proper functioning of the HPA axis and, therefore, healthy cortisol release to provide feelings of vitality and a balanced mood.

Building a balanced, multi-faceted protocol to provide an excellent foundation for wellness is the ultimate aim to achieve total wellness of mind and body. One way to accomplish this is by remembering the three pillars of vitality: homeopathy, supplements, and nutrition which complement one another and work at distinct levels in the body to facilitate your wellness goals harmoniously. For more information on the three pillars of vitality, become a Total Wellness Empowerment member and start working on your total wellness.

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