Look & Feel Great

Nine Steps to Look & Feel Great!

Become the Best You! LOOK GREAT & FEEL GREAT!
Lose weight, Gain energy & focus, Manage your mood, Be empowered!
Your health is worth it because YOU are!  You have too much to do to feel SICK & TIRED!

Want high-quality content for healthy living? Confused about what to do...stop spinning your wheels and "making it up as you go along"...while your health stays stuck in neutral....

Did you ever ask yourself:

  • How do I eat & live a healthy lifestyle?
  • What's adrenal burnout and am I headed down that path?
  • Does my current health status have anything to do with my lifestyle?
  • How long can I last with this unhealthy living?
  • What does my gut have to do with my overall health?
  • What foods are really bad for me?
  • Am I exposed to daily toxins that can affect my health?
  • Is  my stress getting out of control and making me gain weight or feel sick?
  • What about my personal care products...are they hurting me?
  • How can I take charge of my health?
  • Why am I not taking care of myself?
  • Do I really matter? What am I afraid of when it comes to health?
  • How do I learn how to become healthier?
  • Where do I even begin? I need help to figure this out!

Get empowered with the Look & Feel Great Method in 9 Steps! Receive Step-by-step videos and comprehensive resources, establish a healthy eating routine that fits your life and be supported with feedback for each step. Register today and get started to become the best you!

Be Empowered with the 9 steps to help reach your goals.

Become your best health advocate to reach your optimal health goals and learn the steps to live a healthier lifestyle. Be empowered with the awareness & knowledge to make the best decisions.

When I started on this healthy lifestyle journey, I was amazed to discover how many different factors were involved to reach my goals. Conventional medicine practitioners and mainstream media did not offer the information that's needed.

Most conventional doctors do not even learn about nutrition or healthy living in school and if anything it is the basics. I had to figure it all out on my own, through endless hours of research while getting my Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.  I had to figure it out as I was on a mission to help heal my son with multiple food allergies, suppressed immune system and compromised liver detoxification pathways. It was an exhausting challenge trying to heal with food while incorporating a healthier lifestyle navigating all the crucial factors but worth it as my family was getting healthier day by day, the added bonus was I became healthier as well with increased energy, mental clarity, no more migraines, skin was glowing and I actually loved the healthy lifestyle we were living. I had to learn everything from scratch!

The truth of feeling & looking healthy, must be shared so you can make the educated decisions on your health journey which is really called 'life'. This is one of the reasons I became a Functional Medicine specialist and nutritionist.

Some people can handle the truth and some cannot. The fact is that your level of health of mind & body will impact your level of success & happiness. It's a ripple effect.

Join us on this journey.

For over eighteen years, I've received requests from my clients asking for a healthier lifestyle blueprint course to help them navigate the factors involved with living healthier and be empowered with the knowledge.

The Look & Feel Great Method is the answer to help you not have to start from scratch and figure it all out on your own.  Join us to be inspired & empowered to live a healthier lifestyle and act to manifest all you want in your life. YOU can do this!
You are worth investing the time and energy in yourself. It's time to commit to your health.

What's learning without actually implementing?

This Look & Feel Great Method has added bonuses to offer accountability. If you choose to participate then you will be guided along each step to reach your optimal health goals.

I have heard countless stories of people reverting back to old unhealthy habits because there was no accountability. That's the beauty of this program as it is here for you, watch the videos and do the worksheets and email them to me for feedback. Yes, it can be challenging and overwhelming at times to stay committed to your health goals and this course is for you to review time and time again to provide that boost of motivation & take action.

The information shared is for people who want to know how to be healthier, reach their goals and want to take charge of their own health and not leave it up to the healthcare system; by then it could be too late. In addition, you will see one of the huge bonuses is to create accountability and online accessibility to me to keep you moving along though the program with nine weekly videos and audio empowering steps and a private Facebook page. After 18 years of empowering others learn how to live a healthy lifestyle in my private practice, I've decided to start teaching the core steps in my Look & Feel Great Method.

At last! With the Look & Feel Great Method and supporting documents, you can be empowered in an enriched understanding of how to eat in a healthy manner, focus on factors involving sleep, stress, toxins, hydration, exercise, mindset, buyer beware and not falling for conventional marketing traps. while positively promoting your well being.

LEARN how to feel and look great! Think of all the wonderful things you will be able to do when you feel great and have the confidence of a healthy body. You've Got this! You can do this and when you need extra support & guidance, we are here for you! Just email us your completed worksheets and receive feedback. It's like having your own cheering squad. We want you to succeed and the first step is to feel & look great by living a healthier lifestyle. You CAN succeed!

You will learn how to identify everyday toxins affecting your health, get an introduction to nutraceutical regimes, learn what factors count to focus on, implement one step at a time with your Nine Steps task sheets and then make manageable changes to boost immune potential, mood, reduce toxins around you. lose extra pounds and take control of your health.

Learning at your pace offers benefits to:

  • listen to each step
  • complete the tasks for each step
  • return to the audio again as needed
  • watch the slides
  • complete the Look & Feel Great Method task sheets when you need a refresher

This is the best format to learn in your comfort and with support & guidance.

Imagine how you will feel! What do you want to accomplish once you feel great? Think about all the possibilities...

Do You Want to Take Charge of Your Health?

"Nancy provided a blueprint for me to change my lifestyle for the better. Now, I have increased energy and feel younger! It was fun and fascinating and look forward to continue applying what I learned."


"Nancy is an expert at what she does. She gave me the confidence to explore new ways of increasing my health and well-being. Since I started working with Nancy I feel more energetic and have lost weight. I have recommended her many times to my friends and colleagues."

Brad, UBS Wealth Management

Three years ago I bought into all your advice without questioning or deterring from your spectacular recommendations. In short, everything worked to a tee. When I follow these steps, I do not feel bad or exhausted. I'm able to do all the sporting activities I so enjoy. During the past week, I walked 18 holes of golf five times, worked out at Transform gym, and even went ballroom dancing! I could never have done this before your program. I'm thinking back about what I went through before I met you. Seeing my doctor every 6 months, thinking I had the flu...take medications. Going to the allergist...taking his inhalers & Allegra, going to the ENT doctor thinking I needed a sinus operation. Cancelling biking trips to Spain then Italy because I was too sick to go. No more, done with all that for good. You are so, so great at what you do and how you helped me. Nobody else in 15 years came anywhere near what you have done for me. It's all because of you I'm healthy and happy. I can't thank you enough, you are truly the best.  Three healthy years down, another 33 to go! I'm so excited for the future.


Want to Look & Feel Great?

Do you ever wonder how to eat healthy?

Feeling sleep deprived and wondering the affect on your body and how to change your sleep pattern?

Have you ever questioned why there's so many degenerative diseases in the world today ?

Wonder why there is an alarming incidence of chronic health conditions?

Confused with all the supplements available on the market and which ones are most important?

Surprised by the lack of quality 'proactive' health information available to you by conventional  practitioners? 

Are you leaving your health in the hands of the food corporations and medical community?

Ever question what you are fueling your body with?

Wondering what toxins are in your environment?

Totally confused on how to promote a healthy lifestyle and where to begin?

Are you overstressed, overworked and too exhausted to figure out all the factors necessary to live healthier?

Whether you are looking to eat healthy, learn the facts, or just want to be empowered to take steps to a healthier you, this Look & Feel Great Method is for you.

In nine simple, easy-to-implement steps, you will  learn about toxins, detoxification, healthy eating and drinking, introduction to supplements and a basic nutraceutical regime, the benefits of exercise, role of restorative sleep, how dealing with stress and incorporating certain techniques is vital to long term health goals, the mental mindset needed to align with your goals and consumer beware traps, natural remedies and beauty product dangers. The nine steps empower you with the knowledge that can positively affect your mind and body and you can start to put your new-founded knowledge into action in your life. Taking charge of your health never felt so good!

Learn How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

What You will Learn:

  • Gain knowledge, be empowered and take charge of your lifestyle
  • Today's food situation
  • Become your best health advocate
  • Gain mental clarity and manage your energy to achieve your goals
  • Avoid 'mass-marketing' traps
  • Educate and empower others
  • Gain basic nutraceutical regime
  • Learn about toxins affecting your health
  • Discover the natural chelators to detoxify
  • Guidelines to limit toxic exposure  
  • Learn about the functional medicine lab tests available
  • How Stress, Sleep, Exercise... could be affecting your health
  • How food plays a role in one's Gut-Brain-Immune-Adrenal-Dgestion Connection 
  • Look at personal care and beauty products because it's also important to know what you are putting on your body
  • List of Health Tips
  • Useful Task Sheets to implement the newly-learned knowledge and empower yourself for each of the nine steps

Your Investment includes all of the following:

Look & Feel Great Method is powerful! Start learning at your pace! You will be inspired and empowered along the way. 
Every week for nine weeks
, you will receive the online video empowering you with the step for that week. In addition, you will receive a task sheet so you can start implementing the healthy step. 
 You will also receive an audio course reviewing the Step of the week. Use it as an accountability audio course to gently push you along the journey as it will be a recap of the Healthy Step. There will be a private Facebook page for anyone enrolled in the Look & Feel Great Method where we can support each other with encouragement and empowerment.

  • Step 1 - We live in a toxic world and need to understand the toxins affecting our health as well as detoxification.
  • Step 2 - Importance of Healthy Eating Regimes Nourishing One's Body
  • Step 3 - Importance of Proper Hydration
  • Step 4 - Introduction to Nutraceutical Regime and what core basics are most important
  • Step 5 - Health Benefits of Exercise and Movement
  • Step 6 - Role of Restorative Sleep
  • Step 7 - Dealing with Stress
  • Step 8 - Buyer Beware for Personal Care, Beauty, Home, Lawn Products
  • Step 9 - Positive Healthy Mindset

Your Health is Worth it because YOU are Worth it!

Nine Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

YOU need to become your best health advocate.
Learn by exploring the bigger picture of healthy living today.
Your health is worth it because you are worth it.

Step 1: Toxins and Detoxification

We live in a toxic world and need to understand the toxins affecting our health as well as the non-invasive detoxification options.
Toxic buildup can cause inflammation as well as chronic illness.
Understanding toxic overload contributors and how to reduce exposure to toxins is crucial in helping to restore and maintain health.

Step 2: Healthy Eating to Nourish your Body

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of one's health. The 'core' is a key element recognized for exercising and even more important for one's overall health and receiving optimal health goals. Deciding on what you are eating should start with one question, "what is this food going to do for me?" then ask yourself, "is it a toxin or nutrient for my body?". Explore the different labels and food chemicals to avoid and what foods to focus on.

Step 3: Most Important Drink...and why?

80% of folks are walking around dehydrated and we still do not drink the best beverage that refreshes and hydrates us! Simple steps to choose wisely and when to hydrate. Always good to know what health conditions are associated with dehydration so you can stay present.

Step 4: Introduction to Nutraceutical Regime

A nutraceutical regime can heal many health issues from intestinal, digestive, nutritional deficiencies, immune issues, sleep, mood regulation and toxic overload, but knowing what to take and understanding the quality of each is just as important. Receive a basic nutraceutical foundational regime.

Step: 5 Benefits of Exercise

You have heard how exercise is good for you but why? Is all exercise good for your health? Be creative with your plan of movement!

Step 6: The Restorative Role of Sleep

Sleep deprivation decays the mind and body by physically and mentally harming people in a myriad of ways. Do you even know if and how imbalanced and impaired you actually are because of lack of sleep.  Your general health suffers enormously and can lead to weight gain. Learn the healing power of sleep and how to get more of it.

Step 7: Dealing with Stress

Who doesn't live with stress? There's a limit to the amount of stress we can actually endure. Learn how to scan yourself for stress utilizing four stress-test steps.  Learn natural ways to approach stress reduction.

Step 8: Buyer Beware, Natural Remedies, Personal & Beauty Products

Learn some consumer marketing traps because most of the time your health is not a factor in product marketing! In the end, true awareness and education in the form of empowerment actions will bring the change to our foods and products we purchase. Be the change! Learn some natural remedies, green products and personal care products.

Step 9: Positive Mindset

Without a positive mindset and believing in yourself then everything else does not really matter! You are not alone, you are Worth it! Your health is worth it and learning to adopt this mental mindset is imperative. Let's do it together!

"I had no idea how many toxins I was exposed to on a daily basis and how many are linked to degenerative diseases. I'm so glad I learned from the Nine Step program and cleaned up my environment..all this learning in just Step 1!  I'm so glad I took this program."


"Nancy is not only motivational , caring but empowering. I have recommended her Nine Step program to my Human Resources so our employees can all benefit."


Empowering Bonuses for You!

BONUS items included in the Look & Feel Great Method are designed to further empower you and have you succeed. Reach your optimal health goals and live a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy the most out of your life and feel amazing!

  • Private Facebook Page
  • Weekly feedback on your completed worksheets & action items
  • How to Plan Your Way to Success lectures
  • Nine Additional Audio Courses to Recap Each Step in the weekly video courses


Bonus #1

Email us your completed worksheets for each step and receive feedback via email to stay committed to your success of the Look & Feel Great Method!
Value is Priceless

Bonus #2

Private Facebook group page (Look & Feel Great Method, Nine Steps to Healthy Lifestyle) to connect with one another. Ask Nancy questions specific to the Nine Steps during open office hours which are Tuesdays from noon to 2 p.m. EST. Invaluable ;)

Bonus #3

Nine audio courses to review the Look & Feel Great Method. Every week you receive the new online training course and additionally you will receive the audio course reviewing the Step of the week and answering most common questions. Accountability 

Bonus #4

Receive membership access to 'How to Plan Your Way to Success' lectures. Bonus!


Nine Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle  ~ Look & Feel Great Method


YOU Are Worth it! This is Your Time to be Empowered!

Look & Feel Great Method is powerful! Start learning at your pace!

You will be inspired and empowered along the way.

Every week for nine weeks, you will receive the online video empowering you with the step for that week. In addition, you will receive a PDF of the Step task sheet so you can start implementing the healthy step. 

In addition to the weekly video, every week for nine weeks,  you will receive an audio course reviewing the Step of the week. Use it as an accountability audio course to gently push you along the journey as it will be a recap of the Healthy Step.

There will be a private Facebook page for anyone enrolled in the Look & Feel Great Method where we can support each other with encouragement and empowerment. 

AMAZING bonuses:

Receive feedback via email when you send us your completed weekly worksheets.

You will receive membership access to 'How to Plan Your Way to Success' lectures.

If you feel:

  • Continually distracted and overwhelmed by your life...that your health is not a priority because life just keeps "getting in the way" ...
  • Want to lose that extra weight and reach your goals
  • Want to gain more energy
  • Gain focus and clarity
  • Desire to be in control of your life and health
  • Get your health questions answered
  • Want a step-by-step blueprint to optimal health
  • Need support, guidance & accountability
  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee~If  you are not satisfied with the positive results that you can feel after being in the program for the first 30 days, watching the videos & completing the worksheets, then just send us your completed first four week’s of assignments along with your Facebook activity from our private FB group & we’ll refund you. You must be in it to Win it & Own Your Life! You must commit to do the work and you will feel positively impacted. If you do not watch the videos or implement what you learn then nothing will change for you. I’m cheering you on! Your Health is Worth it because YOU are worth it!

"Thank you for sharing these nine steps to healthy living. I have already put them into action."


"I have learned so much from Nancy and spread the knowledge with my family and friends. I feel so empowered!"


By the time I found Nancy I had been suffering for years with debilitating migraines, fatigue, and the worst joint pain in my hands and cystic acne, my skin was so dry, bleeding and so painful, had tried so many different things and going to different doctors but everything always came back "normal" which was unbelievable since I felt so awful all the time. I had a feeling it was something that I ate but couldn't figure it out.  One meeting with Nancy changed my life!  She knew exactly what to do, and we started right away with finding out what was going on, turns out there was quite a few issues to take care of and with Nancy's help, I was able to recover my health and feel the best I ever felt!  My skin looks amazing and glowing and I feel so happy I met Nancy, I call her my Angel of health!!!  She is the only person who can connect all the dots and find a way to help our body get back to health.  I am forever grateful!