Glyphosate Awareness Series

If you've watched the videos and read the documents in this Glyphosate Awareness Series
then you know how important it is to check your levels
and stop guessing if you are loaded with this super toxic chemical linked to diseases.
Nowadays, it's better to find out then stress out and wait for the dreaded diagnosis.
Here's the document explaining the importance of testing your glyphosate levels.  

Be empowered with the truth as opposed to being a victim of the fraud and coverup.
Watch the video and take action. You are worth it.

Question came in about further testing, watch the video and learn about what this bundle of two lab tests including the Glyphosate and Organic Acid Test (checks over 70 markers.)

Test Bundle of Glyphosate Organic Acid Test & Phone Session (checks 77 markers.)

What the Glyphosate Guidebook Gives You
  • nine steps to start working on reducing your toxic load
  • list of safe household products & websites 
  • breakfast cereal list that contain no glyphosate 
  • access to testing and asking questions 
  • access to purchase homeopathic remedies that reduce glyphosate toxins
  • access to private Facebook group 
  • specific supplement information 

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