Glyphosate Awareness Series

Check out the educational & empowering Glyphosate video that I'm sharing with you on my computer. Let's learn together and be empowered with the truth. Watch the video.

Let's learn together...this will help you make healthier choices.  Watch the video.

Next email will show the comprehensive research on the negative health effects of Glyphosate to you. This will empower and educate you on this super toxic chemical & make healthier choices.

What the Glyphosate Guidebook Gives You
  • nine steps to start working on reducing your toxic load
  • list of safe household products & websites 
  • breakfast cereal list that contain no glyphosate 
  • access to testing and asking questions 
  • access to purchase homeopathic remedies that reduce glyphosate toxins
  • access to private Facebook group 
  • specific supplement information 

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