Foods That Warm You

The air is frigid or it’s damp out and you are dressed in layers and wondering how else can you stay warm. Exercise and movement is one way to raise your body’s warmth along with circulation. Turning to foods to warm you is a good idea as long as they are healthy choices. Here’s some spices, oils and foods that give the body energy to keep warm.

  • Ginger helps the body stay warm and boosts immune and digestive systems. Drink it in tea, juice, soup, salad dressings and baked goods.
  • Cinnamon, paprika, cumin and nutmeg help increase your metabolism and will generate heat.
  • Cayenne pepper will also warm up but refrain from consuming too much cause you do not want to sweat because then you will lose body heat.
  • Hot broth and soup will keep your body warm even after you eat it.
  • Coconut oil keeps the body warm because it speeds up your metabolism.
  • Garlic is a warming food and you can add to many dishes and even slice thinly and it raw!
  • Millet is considered one of the least allergenic grains and a warming grain heating your body during cold and damp weather.
  • Sesame seeds are known to heat the body after digestion.
  • Warmed water with lemon

Warming foods bring comfort and heat to the body as they assist with digestion.
The added benefit to several warming foods is that they also act as a detoxifying and improve circulation. Try incorporating one warming food on a daily basis and see which is your favorite.

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