Boosting Your Metabolism

Boosting one’s metabolism is important for healthy weight management and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Many factors are involved such as one’s age, sex, genes, stress tolerance, exercise and eating regime. Metabolism does slow down as we age, so it’s another reason to incorporate exercise. An interesting fact is that the resting metabolic rate is higher in people with muscle and aerobic exercise revs up your metabolism as well. Drinking pure water is important because your body needs water to process your food and support the digestive process. Eating balanced meals with protein to keep sugar levels even as your body burns more calories digesting protein than fat or carbohydrates. Remember healthy snacking in between meals will also boost your metabolism. Your metabolism will slow if you eat three large meals with many hours in between. Yo-yo dieting and fasting will throw your metabolism out of balance since your body will burn fewer calories and you may actually gain weight faster than before the diet. It’s best to incorporate a healthy lifestyle involving clean eating, water, sleep, exercise and stress reduction.

Incorporate medicinal spices and teas that contain natural components to boost one’s metabolism. Herbs, spices and teas aid the fat burning process, help stabilize blood sugar, and many are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Some of my favorite are ginger, oregano, rosemary, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, cayenne, and basil. For the teas, definitely want to drink organic to avoid the pesticides as well as excessive levels of sodium fluoride in conventional teas. Favorite teas to boost metabolism are peppermint, white tea, green tea, rose tea, and oolong. You can even add some ginger to the teas to add more flavor.

Let’s not forget that foods can also boost your metabolism such as avocado, asparagus, tree nuts, green leafy vegetables, salmon, quinoa, eggs, poultry, hemp seeds, and lean meats.

To achieve the ultimate metabolism is to balance all the factors involved with living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenge, instead make one change today and keep working at it.

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