Are You Part Of These Statistics?

The standard American diet, AKA S.A.D., has an excess of sugar, refined carbohydrates, trans fat, and saturated fat, the primary cause of obesity, diabetes, and degenerative diseases. It promotes inflammation which is the root cause of many diseases.

Are you part of these statistics

3 out of 4 Americans do NOT eat a single piece of fruit in a given day, and nearly 9 out of 10 do not reach the minimum recommended daily vegetable intake. Ninety-six percent of Americans do not get the minimum for greens weekly. Ninety-eight percent do not match the minimum for orange vegetables (two servings a week).

Incorporating the 9 Steps to Healthy Living can provide some prevention and protection for tour total wellness. We may be able to erase more than 90% of our risk of developing diabetes, more than 80% of our risk of having a heart attack, and cut the risk of a stroke in half while reducing our overall risk of developing cancer by 1/3. I like these odds better than being part of the above-stated statics for developing diseases.

Forget the juice and eat the whole fruit.

Add lemon to your water.

Make homemade lemonade and use whole leaf Stevia to sweeten or organic monk fruit.

Eat food from each color of the rainbow.

Keep a journal and feel your transformation when eating healthier foods, less processed foods and add in exercise, quality sleep, and stress reduction strategies.

Yes, you can reach total wellness of mind and body when you take charge of your life and stay mindful of each decision you make and do not make.

You’ve got this!

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