9 Appetite Suppressing Foods

What foods can you eat that help you feel full and stop mindless snacking in its tracks? Somedays you just need to grab for a snack for a multitude of reasons; either you are feeling stressed, bored or just really hungry. In case it’s just one of those days, here are some healthy, filling and appetite suppressing foods to grab.

  1. Nuts such as pistachios, brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts and almonds are plentiful in appetite-suppressing fiber and it takes longer to digest than simple carbohydrates making you feel full longer.
  2. High water content fruits like apples and blueberries are a great source of fiber and water. The powerful combination fills up and since they are low glycemic index fruits it will not cause a blood sugar spike.
  3. Cayenne pepper boosts your metabolism while making you feel fuller longer.
  4. Gotta love some peppermint as it’s calming, great to relieve stress and headaches while also being a very effective appetite suppressant. Drinking some organic mint tea is great to cutting back on snacking.
  5. Yummy avocado is chock full of healthy fats and all you need is a half an avocado to feel full.
  6. Any green leafy vegetable like kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, swiss chard contain high water content along with fiber and keep you feeling full while energizing you with nutrient dense food. Steam, bake, or eat raw!
  7. Chia and flax seeds are small but powerful when it comes to providing omega-3s, protein and fiber. The seeds swell up in your stomach making you feel full and suppress hunger.
  8. Organic or pasture-raised eggs offer a protein packed snack and have been known to control one’s appetite for hours.
  9. Citrus lovers know that eating sour curves one’s appetite and helps you feel full. So start squeezing lemon and lime on your foods and in your water. Want to make it even more appetite suppressing then add a splash of apple cider vinegar.

Increase your water consumption will help male you feel full and keep your body hydrated. Take a deep breath and get centered before you start mindless snacking and start incorporating some of these appetite-suppressing foods into your daily regime.

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