Toxic Bubble

Is anyone concerned that we are living in a toxic bubble? Something has gone wrong to make the world a toxic place to live. For years, we’ve seen chemicals accumulate and not be adequately tested on the long-term health effect and the swelling increase of cancers, chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, childhood allergies, neurological disorders, autism, anxiety, mental health, and depression. It is out of control, and there are dramatic physical and behavioral changes in children and adults because of toxins.

Long ago, a place called home was not as toxic as today, where children could play on their lawn without being contaminated with pesticides, only grown with sun and water. The food available back then was the purest form, toys were made by hand, and beds were made from wool. Most beds are a cesspool of toxins filled with harmful chemicals like xylene, polymers, styrene, dioxane, and formaldehyde. Toys are mostly plastic full of chemicals and endocrine disruptors, and the food is no longer pure. Don’t forget the lawn; it’s toxic beyond belief.

The fetus is full of chemicals, and the mother’s breast milk is also toxic, so the newborn is exposed to at least hundreds of toxins. These toxins are absorbed through the skin, breathed in, ingested, and accumulated from an early age.

How can we escape toxins as they are in our homes, our workplace, our schools, our communities, our parks, our lawns, our food, our water, and our air? Well, we can educate ourselves and then make healthier, toxic-free choices and start to reduce our toxic overload, little by little. The goal is for you to be empowered with the truth. The problems and solutions will help you make small daily changes to create a toxic-free, safe environment for you and your family.

Learn what to avoid and what to buy for non-toxic alternatives for pesticides, carpets, furniture, flooring, personal-care products, cleaning products, food, supplements, hand soaps, fluoride, and sun-tanning lotions.

No one stops to think about the health ramifications of these products on one’s health, memory, thinking, mood, and immune system. Before making a purchase, ask yourself this question. Will they negatively impact our mind, body, or environment?

A toxin is a substance that causes disease when present, even at low concentrations in the body. Toxins can come from the air, the water, food, cleaning, personal care products, smoking, and much more.

Since World War II, there has been a 15-fold increase in chemicals and toxins in our environment. There has been equally an increase in autism, cancers, childhood cancers, preterm labor and delivery, and obesity. Some experts believe there’s a link. Seven hundred new chemicals are manufactured in the United States annually, and 84,000 chemicals are used. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) have no clue what they do to our long-term health. Roughly 200 of the 84,000 chemicals have been adequately tested. Some of these toxins never disappear, like DDT and PFAS. Think about that for a second. If there are toxic chemicals out in the world and studies show that they have adverse effects on human health and they discontinue the production of that toxin, it may never go away.

We know that there is a dramatic increase in asthma, allergies, autism, cancer, leukemia, brain cancer, male genital cancer, congenital disabilities, neurodevelopment disorders, obesity, and diabetes among children. So what’s the evidence that toxins cause disease in children? Let’s look at what we already know. Children are more vulnerable and heavily exposed to many environmental chemicals than adults. Nowadays, children are surrounded by an increasing number of chemicals. Most of these chemicals to which children are at risk of exposure have not been tested for possible developmental toxicity yet are detectable in most American children’s bodies, even in newborn infants. Think about that. We are clueless about the potential developmental toxicity for 80% of the high production volume toxins. Approximately 3,000 of the 84,000 high production volume (HPV) toxins are produced in over 1 million pounds per year. It does not take much to see a more significant issue here. Children are especially vulnerable to these toxins because of the greater exposure. They have decreased ability to detoxify these toxins and heightened biological vulnerability. Thalidomide, DES, fetal alcohol syndrome, valproic acid, methyl mercury, and lead showcase increased susceptibility in children. We know that high-dose exposure to organophosphate pesticides causes acute poisoning, and exposure during pregnancy to lower levels can cause small head circumference, low birth weight, developmental delays, ADHD, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a form of autism. Are there other toxins among the thousands of untested chemicals to which our children are exposed daily and negatively impact their bodies and brains?

We believe that air pollution and diesel fumes can cause asthma.
Toxic solvents such as benzene and pesticide exposure can cause childhood cancers. Environmental disease is preventable.

Years ago, I attended a meeting and was aware of an 18-year national children’s study of toxic body load. The study would provide epidemiological research following 100,000 children from pregnancy to 18 years of age. The study was conducted in NY and NJ, led by Mount Sinai. The study aims to discover the environmental exposures that cause disease and disability in childhood and throughout life. Then, to translate this science into a roadmap for prevention, imagine having to wait 18 years before finding out how toxins affect our health. How many people will have been permanently affected?

Some of the questions that the researchers want to answer are:
What are the effects of early exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals? What are the preventable causes of autism, ADHD, and other developmental disabilities? Are there chemical exposures that increase the risk of obesity and diabetes? What are the preventable causes of pediatric cancer?

The researchers believe that disease caused by toxic environmental chemicals is PREVENTABLE! Yes, I do agree. Prevention is best achieved by discovering the toxins and then preventing exposure. Prevention must proceed on three levels: home, society, and community.

One of the most beneficial approaches is to run functional medicine lab testing and include a toxic profile test to determine how your body detoxifies toxins and get a snapshot of what toxins your body is holding on to.

People are searching for whole-body solutions to get to the root cause of their health imbalances and get on the right journey to total mind and body wellness. In addition, people are searching for natural ways to boost their immune system against the next variant or pandemic, and these tests offer many clues. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable, not knowing how your immune system and detoxification system function and what markers you need to work on to gain a robust immune response.

Read more about the functional medicine testing.

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