The Perfect Storm may be brewing inside your body…

Halloween candy kicks off the perfect storm, in addition to the candies one consumes on a daily basis for either pleasure or energy stimulation.  Both have much to do with your chances of getting the flu this winter.

The fact is the status of your immune system is the most powerful determinant of whether or not you will get sick this cold and flu season.

After several days of eating Halloween candy, the body starts to crave sugar like a pill as the sugar weakens the body’s immune response making one more vulnerable to getting sick. Halloween should be no excuse to gorge on candy unless you want to feel cranky, sick, moody and tired.

Now, on to the real science behind Trick or Treat time. Have you ever noticed how many people seems to get sick around fall and the start of winter? The real science behind it starts with sugar gorging that does not stop but instead continues to the end of December. As the holidays are right around the corner, the festive sweets are right behind the Halloween candy and everyone crams in as much as they can before the New Year. So as long as the sugar consumption remains an issue, the immune system is fighting an uphill battle in protecting the body from fungal, infections, bacteria and other pathogens. Sugar affects one’s adrenal system, neurotransmitters, immune system, gastrointestinal flora, and causes significant inflammation in the body. Systemic inflammation that is chronic can trigger auto-immune disorders. Let’s not forget that sugar feeds cancer, yeast and bacteria.

Step away from the candy and all refined sugar to significantly enhance your health and make your New Year’s resolutions much easier.

The Perfect Storm is brewing at this time of year; first the sugar starts the process, and all these other factors play a part. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans cannot gain significant exposure to sunshine and absorb Vitamin D during the months of September until mid-April depending on where one lives. Since many people are Vitamin D deficient to begin with then during the Fall and Winter months, these same people are going to be more vulnerable to cold and flu season. Vitamin D is needed for T Cell activation so theses cells can mobilize and fight off foreign pathogens. Vitamin D is imperative for optimal functioning of your immune system to combat inflammation, chronic disease, colds and flu. Did you know that Vitamin D has immune-modulating effect as it is has an antimicrobial agent that produces approximately 300 different antimicrobial peptides in your body to kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Another significant factor is keeping your GI tract flora infused with beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes along with eating foods rich with good flora are very important to provide your body on a daily basis. Coconut kefir, apples, sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, kombucha tea, and fermented cabbage are just a few food choices loaded with beneficial bacteria.

Vitamin C will help boost your immune system provided it is a non-corn source vitamin C. Consuming plenty of vegetables will also provide antioxidants and enhance the strength of your immune system. Foods high in Vitamin C are peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwis, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas and papayas.

Remember the importance of healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, stress reduction strategies and keeping hydrated at all times. If your diet consists of processed foods and refined sugars then, you are giving your body toxic elements that it will need to detoxify and remove first in order to fight off illness. Sugar is like fertilizer for pathogens setting your immune system up for a respiratory virus. Eight percent of your immune system resides in your gastrointestinal tract so what you eat and drink is extremely important.

If you are sick of getting sick then stop the perfect storm from brewing inside and take control of your health today.

Remember your health is worth it because YOU are worth it.

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