Stress and Heart Disease

Is too much stress bad for your heart? Indeed it is! We all experience stress but if it is not managed properly then you are more likely to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain and irregular heartbeats. Stress hormones get elevated and can lead to belly fat making a heart attack more likely.

How one handles stress can also lead to heart disease if one is turning to overeating, smoking, drugs, and letting the overwhelm make you stray from your exercising routine.

Here are some strategies to deal with stress:

  1. Daily Relaxation should be non-negotiable time to get centered, calm with meditation, yoga, tai chi or some other form of graceful, flexible movements.
  2. Self discovery of what makes you feel pleasure and a natural way to combat stress. Some examples are an art project, hobby, reading a book, sewing, crochet, knitting, listen to music, taking a nature walk, playing cards pr learning something new.
  3. Deep breathing, counting to ten to get yourself out of the stressful moment, going for a walk, breaking the stress into smaller parts so you can deal with it, meditate to break the negative cycle and replace with positive steps.
  4. Change one’s attitude and change the situation with positive self talk. Negativity increases stress so with practice you can replace the negative thoughts and talk with positiveness. Repeat to yourself that you Can do this. I can deal with this stress and win!
  5. Stay connected and socialize with positive, calming people.
  6. Keep a gratitude journal
  7. Keep physically active with exercise.

Practice daily to incorporate some stress strategy so you can lead a healthier lifestyle and enrich your health.

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