Nine Steps to Control that Insatiable Sweet Tooth

Seems like everyone has that evil sweet tooth and we must control our sugar cravings before they get the best of us. By getting these sugar cravings under control then we have a better chance to maintain a healthy weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

1. The first step is awareness of how much sugar you are consuming on a daily basis. If you think you are indulging in the white stuff then try cutting back by 50%. Count how much sugar grams you are taking in on a daily basis and remember it should be around 15 to 22 grams of sugar daily. Naturally occurring sugar from whole fruit can be utilized as an energy source as well to appease the sweet tooth instead of grabbing the simple carbohydrates.

2. Reading labels to monitor your daily sugar intake will be crucial to getting it under control. Remember that any ingredient ending in    “-ose” is probably derived from sugar.

3. Quench the sugar craving with plain water since a dehydrated body will actually crave more sweets. Instead of waiting to become dehydrated to remember to drink more water, you can set an hourly timer to drink a large glass of water.

4. Eat balanced meals with whole foods as opposed to processed foods that may contain hidden sugar ingredients. Eating a clean food regime will start the detox and cleansing process and trigger less sugar cravings.

5. Before reaching for a sugary treat, try adding greens to your meals and even bake them for healthy, crunchy and yummy snacks.

6. If you must satisfy that sugar craving then opt for a healthier alternative with natural sugars from fruits or a small piece of dark chocolate.

7. Staying mindful of your sugar cravings and going deeper looking into why you really think you need or want that sugar can uncover deep rooted food issues/feelings that may be causing a viscous cycle in your boy and mind.

8. Learning how sugar negatively affects our health and contributes to weight gain, obesity, impaired memory and increased the risk of heart disease and diabetes may help you reduce your sugar intake.

9. Always remember that your health is worth the planning, mindfulness, time and effort to live a healthier lifestyle…all because YOU are worth it!



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