NeuroScience offers new Affordable Lab Testing in 2012

So excited to share that NeuroScience, Inc. introduces Guaranteed Balance Billing (GBB), an affordable, simple, and convenient new option that takes the guesswork and surprises out of patients’ out of pocket liability for laboratory testing.

The most popular profiles are eligible for GBB such as:    NeuroScreen Expanded testing 12 neurotransmitters, NeuroAdrenal Expanded testing testing 12 neurotransmitters, 2 hormones, NeuroAdrenal + Melatonin testing testing 12 neurotransmitters, 3 hormones, NeuroEndocrine Comprehensive testing 12 neurotransmitters, 7 hormones, 154 Foods IgG, 154 Foods IgG + 10 Foods IgE, 154 Foods IgG + 55 Foods IgE, Immunosenescence, Lyme Immune I.D.  Call the office to schedule an appointment and learn more.


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