Mercury Calculator

Wanted to share this helpful resource for anyone who consumes fish.

Yes, you need to ask where the fish is coming from and if it’s wild or farm raised as those are really good questions.

This resource will help understand the mercury levels.

Many consumers are not aware, for example, that a 115 pound women consuming just two cans of albacore tuna in a week puts her 310% above what the EPA and FDA considers safe; a child weighing 45 pounds eating just one can of albacore tuna per week would get a dose 420% higher than the EPA’s safe limit of .1 microgram/kilogram-day of mercury exposure. The same person consuming swordfish would have mercury level of more than three times that high.

In the absence of adequate warnings by government agencies and warning signs across the nation, there’s a tool that you can use to protect yourself and children from being poisoned by mercury.

I’ve used this calculator many times to determine the levels of mercury contained in a fish or seafood and that would impact my buying decision either at a market or eating out.


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