Heart Healthy Workouts

Being proactive with protecting your heart involves lifestyle, food regime and exercise. Exercising can have a major influence on your  heart health and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Strenuous exercise may not be the best approach so carve out non-negotiable timeframes each day for regular non-strenuous exercising activities to combat a sedentary lifestyle.

Best heart healthy workouts:

  • Walking: just put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes and get moving, go outside and breathe in the fresh air and absorb the sunshine and take in your environment. A study by Harvard School of Public Health stated that walking for an hour daily reduces overall cardiovascular disease by approximately 19 percent. Brisk walking can help prevent the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Yoga: Strike a pose! Yoga is linked to lower blood pressure, increased lung capacity, improved heart rate and respiratory functioning. Cultivate a yoga-based lifestyle, including meditation, breathing, healthful eating and positive stress management and many may see a 70 precent improvement in heart health.
  • Swimming: an ideal workout choice to combat heart disease since the emphasis is on the heart and lungs. Swimming offers low-impact on joints, knees and good option for arthritic sufferers. Swimming is linked to lower heart rates, blood pressure along with improved breathing and circulation.
  • Running: Research done by Journal of American College of Cardiology states that running even five minutes daily can lower risk of premature death. Therefore, small amounts of rigorous exercise can benefit one’s heart health. Runners have a 45 percent less chance to die from heart disease than non-runners.
  • Resistance/weight training: According to research conducted by Harvard University, weight training lowers blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and increases insulin sensitivity. Just incorporating 30 minutes weekly decreased heart disease risk by approximately 23 percent.

Why wait to take your health seriously? If not now, then when?…after a bad medical report?…when you hit rock bottom?
Taking charge of your health starts with understanding all the important factors involved.

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