Healthy Cooking

How you cook your food is just an important as what you are cooking. By making some changes in the method you utilize to cook can help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals and weight management.

Let’s review five healthy cooking methods.

  1. Steaming: Steaming vegetables is one of the healthiest methods to retain flavor and nutrients. It is as simple as placing vegetables in a perforated steamer bowl right above boiling water.  For some added flavor, you can always add some spices to the boiling water to be infused in the vegetables.
  2. Roasting or Baking: Roasting cooks foods at a higher temperature than baking so you can coat the food with coconut or olive oil. If roasting meats then let the fats drip off the food. Roasting vegetables gives them a sweeter taste and may encourage you to eat more vegetables on a daily basis.
  3. Broiling or Grilling: The key is to remember not to let your foods get charred.  This method is best for lean or low fat foods so remember to cut off any fats from meats if grilling.
  4. Poaching: this method involves cooking foods in water, broth or other flavorable liquids.
  5. Stir-fry with apple cider vinegar instead of unhealthy saturated fats. First, add a little water to the wok or skillet then add in either coconut oil or olive oil and apple cider vinegar. You can even forgo the oil and just add the apple cider vinegar. If you want, throw in some ginger or spices for flavoring.

Your health is worth it because You are worth the investment of your time and energy.

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