Do Vitamins Affect Mental Health?

There is abundant scientific research indicating that mental health issues like memory loss, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are linked to low levels of vitamins. Having a vitamin deficiency can trigger depression-like symptoms. Depression correlates with individuals having a vitamin D deficiency. B vitamins are very important and known for their mood-altering properties, fighting fatigue, improving memory, and allowing you to function with more clarity and concentration. 

Studies state that a deficiency in these particular B vitamins, Thiamine (B1), Pyridoxine B6, Riboflavin (B2), and B12, can lead to depression, anxiety, fearfulness, and irritability.

Knowing all this valuable information, you should get your levels tested to keep appraised of your mental health condition.

Anxiety and depression issues in adolescents and adults reached all-time highs during the pandemic. Three years later, Americans have largely returned to normal activities, but challenges with mental health remain. Mental health and physical health are intrinsically linked. When your mental health suffers, it’s likely your physical health is also taking a hit. 

We must be mindful that our physical body takes a hit when dealing with mental health imbalances for an extended period, which may lead to adrenal burnout. Being aware of our total wellness of mind and body and implementing strategies for managing and preventing adrenal burnout is essential. 

Emotional exhaustion may include:

  • Feeling overextended.
  • Being unable to feel compassion for clients.
  • Not meeting workplace demands. 

Engaging in self-care can help promote one’s well-being.

Specific domains of self-care practice can be explored, including awareness, work-life balance, physical health, social support, and spirituality.  

Physical and mental health are intrinsically linked, so when your mental health suffers, it will likely impact your physical health. Untreated issues or disorders can escalate and cause harmful medical issues. 

51% of young adults aged 18-24 experienced anxiety and depression symptoms in the year 2023, making that age group more likely than older adults to experience mental health issues. Young adults have experienced multiple stress-related consequences due to the pandemic, such as school closures, remote work, and loss of income or employment. These factors may contribute to mental health issues. Some people took steps to address adverse mental health stemming from the pandemic, but mental health and substance use concerns remain elevated.

Two beneficial functional medicine tests to help you gain insight into how your body is functioning are the organic acid test, which shows your neurotransmitters, and the saliva hormone test, which shows your cortisol levels throughout the day. The organic acid test checks your gut health, methylation, detoxification, essential B vitamins, Vitamin C, and more!

Once you have your test rules, follow a customized protocol, including nutraceuticals, homeopathic remedies, herbals, and healthy food, and incorporate lifestyle factors to deal with stress to assist you in achieving total wellness of mind and body.

You must remember that you are worth the time and effort because you have a purpose and message to share with the world. You are important, and feeling your best is a goal worth addressing.

Making your health your number one priority is crucial these days to achieving total wellness of mind and body. If not now, then when? Better to be proactive than reactive to disease. Unfortunately, too many are going through life not feeling their best, settling on just getting by. Gain insight and take charge of your health by finding out how your body functions and following your healthy lifestyle factors to get your body in balance and achieve total wellness.

You are here for a reason, and to accomplish all you want to do and experience in life, you must feel your best!

Order your hormone saliva test and organic acid urine testing so you discover your hormone health, gut health, nutrient deficiencies (checks Vitamin C, B, glutathione, CoQ10, Biotin, and more), your neurotransmitter levels, as well as toxic exposure, detoxification pathways, oxalates, and Krebs cycle.

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