Consistency Rules to Achieve Your Goals

Why do many people discount the power of consistent effort towards their goals? There actually is a neuroscientific explanation! If you understand this, then you can strive to achieve your goals by being consistent and persistent daily.  Consistency creates grooving, which is robust neural networks in the brain. These grooved neural networks assist in forming strong connections within the brain’s synaptic connections, thus enhancing your concentration on your goal. 
If you are only applying intermittent effort to your goal, your brain then does not receive enough stimuli to form powerful habits.  This is called the Hebbian theory.  Nerves that fire together then will wire together. So with consistent effort, your brain gains the right neural connections due to prolonged application.  
Focus your attention on your goals to allow your brain to lock in on the task to achieve your goal. Consistency builds character and sharpens the mind. Consistent people are firm in their resolve to invoke positive results and do not compromise by cutting corners or taking the road less traveled. This is where dedication pays off with the rewards that follow.
With weight loss and exercise programs, you may not see the rewards right away, and that’s why consistent and persistent efforts are needed. Keep at it daily to see the reward. You will need a measure of sustained performance to produce the desired outcome. 
If you’ve ever listened to my podcast or interview on radio shows, you know I always recommend keeping a journal. Now I have a neuroscientific reason to recommend keeping a daily journal of your food intake, water intake, exercise regime, sleep, mood, energy, health issues, and goals. 
Here’s another snippet from my upcoming book, Healthy Living Everyday.

9 Steps to Successful Food Journaling:

1. Commit to food journaling because you want to reach your health goal or live a healthier lifestyle and write down your intention for the commitment.
2. Decide on the form of the journal; be it online, on your phone or writing it down in a notebook.
3. Decide when you will journal, either after each meal or end of the day.
4. Decide on what to record in your journal. List all meals, snacks, drinks as well as appetite level, behavior, mood, sleep, anxiety, triggers, cravings, exercise, etc.
5. Be honest with yourself about portion sizes as there is no reason to sugar coat anything as you are trying to better your lifestyle, and not be in denial of anything.
6. Include everything even a piece of candy as these little nibbles here, and there can derail the best of our intentions.
7. Beware of perfectionism, feeling ashamed, self-sabotaging patterns, and instead acknowledge setbacks may happen; remember staying motivated is what counts. 
8. Acknowledge that your journaling is a necessary action to achieving healthier outcomes.
9. Lookout for obstacles that may keep you from not reaching your goals and try different alternatives to stay on track.

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