Common Weight Loss Myths

Millions of people in the world today are either overweight or obese. Statistics have shown that 2 out of every 3 American adults are overweight to some degree and many are obese. At the same time the prevalence of overweight among U.S. children and teenagers has never been higher than now. The numbers are staggering, and rising at a rapid rate. So if you are struggling to control your weight, you are certainly not alone in this battle.

For those who choose to lose the unwanted weight, finding the right method is critical. Losing weight is very important to your health, however it is equally important that you find a safe and healthy way to accomplish your goal.

There are thousands of weight loss products on the market today. Many of them promise that their product is the best and fastest way to lose weight. Despite all the marketing claims you are bombarded with, it is important that you understand that there is no miracle cure for weight loss. It took time to gain the weight it will take time to lose it.

Myth #1: Low Fat Foods are Low in Calories

Truth: Many low fat foods are actually higher in calories and sugar than their full fat counterparts. Baked goods, salad dressings, and other foods that typically contain a high percentage of fat are often less healthy when prepared as low fat items. These types of food products are often made with increased quantities of sugar, cornstarch, and other fillers that serve as replacements for the fat that is left out during the manufacturing process.

Myth #2: Calories Don’t Count if You Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption

Truth: The number of calories because of portion control a person consumes always has an impact on his or her weight. No matter how many or how few carbohydrates you consume, calories do count.  If a person thinks calories do not count as long as they eliminate carbohydrates then they may continually consume food. Eating too much food will result in weight gain. If you overeat, you are very likely to gain weight rather than lose it.

Myth #3: Eliminating All Carbohydrates is a Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Truth: It is not a good idea to eliminate complex carbohydrates, or any other food group, from your diet. The human body needs carbohydrates, along with a variety of additional essential nutrients, in order to function effectively. If you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, you are cutting your body’s primary source of energy. While it’s a good idea to limit your consumption of certain types of carbohydrates that provide empty calories, such as refined sugar and white flour, it is also important to consume a sufficient quantity of fruit, vegetables, and other sources for healthy and necessary carbohydrate nutrition.

Myth #4: Skipping Meals is a Good Weight Loss Strategy

Truth: Those who eat several small meals throughout the day tend to lose weight much more easily than individuals who skip meals on a regular basis. When you go too long without providing your body with nourishment, it goes into starvation mode. Your body’s survival instincts cause your metabolism to slow down when you let too much time pass in between meals. This means that your body will literally adapt to burn fewer calories throughout the day if you don’t eat at regular intervals. You’re much better off eating smaller, more frequent meals than eating only once or twice each day.

Myth #5: Exercise Isn’t Important When Dieting

Truth: Exercise is important for every weight loss program, as well as for simply maintaining optimal health and wellness. To lose weight, you have to burn off more calories that you eat. The best way to increase the rate at which you burn calories is to boost your metabolism through exercise. When you follow a regular exercise program, you can burn off a significant number of calories when you’re exercising. You’ll also burn calories at a higher rate when you’re at rest, due to the positive impact exercise has on your metabolism. Change up your exercise routine so your muscles do not get used to the pattern.  Add in cardio, weight strength training, yoga, running, etc.

When you’re serious about taking charge of your health and reaching your goals, you have to accept the simple truth that successful weight loss requires commitment, monitoring, adjusting to your body type, getting enough sleep, dealing with stress and all aspects of your lifestyle.

I believe that weight loss and not being able to lose weight has to do with an imbalance of biomedical markers. If you body is not functioning properly then you will not be able to lose weight and keep it off. Eventually the body will fall back into worse shape as you have not addressed the root cause to losing weight.

This is why I love utilizing functional medicine testing. One single test can tell you a lot about your metabolism, mood and weight management issues.

• Carbohydrate metabolismHow well do you process carbohydrates? And, do you have good blood sugar regulation?

• Dopamine/serotonin – Reveals why you have issues with mood, depression, sleep, energy, concentration, and cognition.

• Fat metabolismIs weight loss difficult? This may be the reason why, even if you are eating the so-callef ‘good’ weight reducing fats.

• Mitochondria function and health – Do you feel that you are aging too quickly? You may have mitochondrial damage. This increases your aging rate, plus risks for many diseases!

• B-vitamin statusB vitamins are crucial, and it’s common to be deficient in some of them. This also gives you information about your methylation capacity.


• Bacteria and yeast overgrowthThese are essential to do with any gut, hormone, immune or neurological issues.

Your Detox system – LIVER, DETOX, AGING

• Liver inflammationIf your liver is fatty or inflamed, and not working up to par,it will affect weight loss.

• Oxidative stress/aging –  Do you have a high rate of oxidation? This causes inflammation, and damage throughout the body, including your arteries and mitochondria.

• Methylation –  One of the primary ways to get chemicals out of your body, including environmental toxins, and hormones and chemicals you make inside your body.

• Detoxification nutrientsDo you have enough of the key detox nutrient called glutathione that your liver makes? What about co-Q10? 

• Detoxification functionthis test shows how other detox functions are working.

These are so really important markers to check not only for overall health but healthy aging, mental health, cognitive health, weight loss and healthy weight management.

If you want answers and reach optimal health then you can order your test today and get started learning how your body functions and where the imbalances are, then you can get balanced.

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