Channeling Your Inner Strength

You matter. You have a gift and can be a blessing to others. Someone is struggling who needs some comfort, a smile, or by sharing your own story, research, you can help them.

Reflect on the following to channel your inner gift to others:
Does your purpose and work matter to you and the world?
Does your field of work give you purpose?
Where do you see your gift to others?
Are you sharing your gift to make the world a better place?
Perhaps you can write a book, teach a online course, share your message and purpose.

Spend some time reflecting and channel your inner strength to share your talents.
The world is a better place because you are in it. You may never know how much your work, your smile, your passion will impact the world, so start today and spread your seeds of greatness.

I’d like to share a real story because I would never have imagined that one of my articles who be referenced in testimony to support a new human trafficking legislation. I’m so happy I wrote this article many years ago because it may help others in obtaining justice.

Just found out one of my research articles, 5 Stages of Human Brain Development is referenced in the Office of the Ohio Public Defender in support of human trafficking bill that will make it easier to prosecute some individuals. Human trafficking is a travesty and occurs far too frequently. While Ohio has made great strides, SB13 is important legislation for providing these victims with necessary protections under the law. Thank you for referencing my article.

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Testimony in Support of SB13
Applying Human Trafficking Laws to All Victims Under 18
Sponsors Senator Fedor
Read the testimony.HumanTraffickingTestimony.SB13.Written

Your health is worth it because YOU are!

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