Celebrate Small Victories

Savor each accomplishment on your journey to renewed health. This advice relates directly to the previous tip in the blog post titled “Be Very Specific When Setting Your Health Goals”. Basically, when you reach a short-term milestone, give yourself a pat on the back. Small victories celebrated over the long term health journey lead to better retention and motivation to continue on to the ultimate goal! If you can set small goals that are more necessary to be accomplished along the way to the final goal, and you choose goals that you have complete control over, like your number of visits to the gym or the daily workout schedule at home or eating healthy breakfast daily or drinking more pure water, or starting the day with lemon water and apple cider vinegar or meditating for 10 minutes, you’ll string together more victories.

Savoring and celebrating each accomplishment is highly energizing. When things are looking the darkest and our goals seem farthest from our reach then we must focus our attention on what’s gone right so far and be thankful as this can be the most invigorating action necessary to continue on your health journey,

Savoring one’s success (be it small victories or large ones) is a key element to reenergize everyone to strive for the next goal.

Remember that success is the quality of the journey so become creative with how you will celebrate and savor your small victories.

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