Cancer Statistics Rising?

Cancer2020Too many people are discovering that they have cancer and we all know someone who is battling with it. Cancer is a leading cause of death in the United States, second to cardiovascular disease. Over 5,000 people in North America are diagnosed on a daily basis, that’s almost 2 million yearly! Currently, one in seven women is expected to get breast cancer and one in three men expected to get prostrate cancer. One in three among the entire population is expected to get some form of cancer. The number of cancer survivors approaches 12 million but there’s recent prediction that by 2020, 1 in 2 Britons will get cancer in their lifetime but 38% will die from the disease. These numbers are not only frightening but out of control. What’s going on?

There’s a ton of research being conducted, theories formulated and several different beliefs to the cause of cancer. One of the beliefs shared among practitioners is that the immune system needs to be optimal to prevent against cancer. The human body can become toxic overloaded from being exposed to environmental toxins in food, air, water, consumer products and more; all this suppressing and disrupting the immune system. One can ponder if a strong immune system can destroy emerging cancer cells before they take hold. One’s immune system cannot function at optimal levels if:

  • there is an imbalance in nutrients, hormones, and functionality
  • overweight or obese
  • smoke or chew tobacco
  • eat refined sugars and grains
  • consuming toxins in your beverages, food, water, air, OTC medicine or prescriptions
  • dealing with enormous amount of stress
  • sleep deprived

Do you know how strong your immune system is? Is it strong enough to prevent the cancer? Do you know what toxins to avoid, what foods to avoid, what steps to put in place to keep your immune system strong and the other factors in living a healthy lifestyle? If not, then why not? Do you think you are worth it? Yes, your health is indeed worth it because YOU are worth it!

Why wait to take your health seriously? If not now, then when?…after a bad medical report?…when you hit rock bottom?
Taking charge of your health starts with understanding all the important factors involved.

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