Body Awareness Month

February is Body Awareness Month and it is a very important awareness because we have to promote a healthy image of our body. Body image is our perception of our own body. How do we think we look and how do we feel about it. Body image effects both men, women, girls and boys.

A healthy or positive body image is when you have real perception of your shape, size and are comfortable with your body. You may want to improve certain areas but you are generally happy with the way you look and you value yourself.

A poor or negative body image can affect how one thinks and feels leading to emotional distress, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, unhealthy eating habits, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

In order to develop a healthy self image, we need to stop focusing on what is wrong with our bodies and stop comparing ourselves to other people. Yes, being overweight can lead to heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers but the ‘perfect’ body does not exist without Photoshop. Everyone has some flaw. Eating disorders can be the result of striving for the perfect body.

We must remember that eating healthy foods and exercising is vital for a healthy mind and body. A healthy mind comes with a healthy perspective about what health and beauty really is. Strive for health not perfectionism. Never put yourself down, instead view your body as the vessel that you love and will be with you on life’s journey. When someone compliments you, accept the compliment and thank them; too often people cannot accept compliments because they are focusing on all the wrong things about their body. If you want to lose weight or get toned then remember that you are a ‘work in progress’ and beautiful at every stage. Emphasize healthy lifestyle choices and behavior while deemphasizing your focus on size, weight and shape of your body.




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