Are you prepared for Cold & Flu Season

As the weather gets colder, we are exposed to a multitude of germs, viruses, and bacteria that can make us ill. DesBio’s extensive line of products includes several that help support the body’s immune function and help combat illness when it appears. Our comprehensive solutions include a range of specialty formulas, homeopathics, herbals, and nutritionals to help keep bugs at bay. Unlike conventional cold and flu therapies that simply mask symptoms and often leave you feeling drowsy or foggy-headed, DesBio’s holistic remedies work with the body’s immune system to relieve symptoms and promote faster recovery.

Virus Plus

A complete homeopathic combination designed to help the body combat infection and address the multitude of symptoms associated with viral illness. Helps provide temporary relief from chills, fever, runny nose, body aches, and stomach discomfort.

Bacteria Combination

A comprehensive formula to promote relief from bacterial infection. The homeopathic remedies in Bacteria Combination support the immune system and mucous membranes and help protect internal organs from pathogen damage.

Upper Respiratory Staph/Strep Combination

Combination of homeopathic nosodes of the several strains of bacteria associated with infections of the upper respiratory system. Helps the body form a targeted response to infection and promotes a reduction in symptoms and faster recovery.

Immune Support

A synergistic blend of homeopathic ingredients designed to enhance natural immune defenses and support immune cell activity in the presence of infection. Includes specic ingredients that may protect the eyes, ears, nose, throat and lungs from both viral and bacterial pathogens. Can be used as a long term form of immune support or as an immune-boosting tonic in the presence of acute symptoms.

Bronchial Cough

A combination of homeopathic remedies to help soothe irritated mucous membranes that have also been shown to support the relief of persistent, hacking cough and itching of the pharynx. May also support expectorant activity, promoting the elimination and drainage of mucous.

Sore Throat

The homeopathic blend of ingredients in sore throat help to calm inflammation and itching of the tonsils and pharynx to soothe throat pain and discomfort. Promotes relief from persistent cough, breathing diculties, and chest pressure while supporting the body in fighting off infection.

Myrrh Complex

Homeopathic combination designed to support the health of the sinuses and upper respiratory system. Fortifies the immune system and promotes detoxication and drainage of this region.

Sinusitis Plus

Helps to provide relief from the wide-array of symptoms that can occur as a result of sinus congestion and blockage. Helps to soothe irritated mucous membranes, clear blockages of the nasal cavity and inner ear, and calm inammation of the eyes.

Pertussis Remedy

Pertussis is a highly contagious bacterial infection that can result in a violent, hacking cough. This homeopathic remedy contains nosodes of pertussis and tetanus to help the body quickly respond to infection. Additionally, this remedy provides a combination of homeopathic ingredients to help reduce symptoms of cough, throat discomfort, chest pain, and lung congestion.


An herbal combination designed to provide a shortterm boost to the immune system. The botanicals in Echinaplus have been shown to support activity of T-cells, macrophages, and NK (natural killer) cells, making the immune system better equipped to ght o pathogens. Can be used as an immune-booster in the presence of acute symptoms. For long-term, use in a pulsed fashion (3 weeks on, 1 week off) to avoid over stimulation of immune cells. Not recommended for use for chronic infections or in autoimmunity.

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