9 Ways to Look & Feel Great!

9 Ways to Look & Feel Great can be simplified into these quick steps. Many people are bombarded with so much information and decision making non-stop all day long SO I’ve condensed a previous blog into quick 9 steps.

Get ready to look and feel great!

  1. Get Moving! You’ve heard the saying, you do not move it, you lose it…well that’s all about muscle power.
  2. Stay Hydrated! You’re probably not drinking enough pure water on a daily basis!
  3. Do not overeat. Stop eating when you are about 80% full and do not graze all day.
  4. Get restful quality sleep; your mind and body and mood need it!
  5. Avoid toxins in and on your body.
  6. Stay positive and grateful.
  7. Meditate and be Mindful of all you think, do and consume.
  8. Words are powerful, listen to how you speak to yourself and others. Spread good vibes ūüėČ
  9. Be with like-minded people, find a mentor, join the Total Wellness Empowerment FB group

Are you worth it? I think YOU are!

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Extra time to spare, then read the longer post here.

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