Why I Love Poland Spring


After reading the latest article on Science Daily titled:
How many protozoa are in the water we drink? Date:June 27, 2017 Source:SINC

and learning that researchers analyzed drinking water and detected oocysts of Cryptosporidium and cysts of Giardia, these are two protozoa that cause outbreaks of diarrhea in humans. Oh, that sounds horrifying but the article goes on to state that the levels detected are very low and do not represent a health risk; however, according to the study, the ubiquity of these parasites and the inefficiency of conventional water treatment in reducing them may present a public health issue. You think?

Yes, indeed! I’ve seen many people come in and get tested for parasites and the results were positive. These parasites really affected their health especially if undiagnosed from using conventional stool testing.

Perhaps, this is why I highly recommend Poland Spring water to drink, to cook with and to detox. It’s my favorite and only brand of drinking water. Why you ask. Well, here’s some research that Poland Spring offers with their quality testing report, which can be found on their website or read it here with the link. Great report on their bottled water quality process, so what about their protozoa and parasite testing. They have that covered as well with their 100% filtration, ozone protocols and other testing in place to make sure their water isn’t contaminated.

My recommendation is to drink and cook with their Spring water and when you feel like detoxing then drink their distilled water on weekends or once a month.

Stay Hydrated my friend ūüėČ

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