Three Tips to Gain More Energy


So many people are mentally and physically exhausted, and it affects your mood, mental alertness, your productivity and your food cravings. You could gain weight because you are trying to boost energy from overeating the wrong foods.  Skip the extra caffeine beverages, unhealthy ‘energy’ drinks and implement these three natural ways to banish tiredness and boost energy naturally throughout your day.

Here are three helpful tips to boost your energy:

1. Skip the white stuff and eat nutrient-dense meals. When it comes to boosting energy, a carb is not created equally, so a carb is not a carb. Research proves that when people ate white bread for breakfast, they lacked energy and struggled on memory/cognitive tests than those who consumed low-glycemic foods.  Yes, I understand that it’s tempting to grab the bagel or buttered roll when you’re rushing to work,  but you are not doing yourself any favors! What you are choosing to eat can possibly be the worst food combination for your energy and mood. When choosing your meals, just remember that refined carbs and sugar will zap your energy by spiking your blood sugar levels and then crashing along with your energy, mood and mental clarity. Strive to keep your blood sugar levels even throughout the day with protein-infused balanced meals and protein snacks at hand when you need that extra boost. Drinking some wheat grass can provide that shot of energy. Amazing Grass offers organic wheat grass powder in single servings size. Break the cycle today of turning to sugar and high glycemic carbs as it can also lead to weight gain and more sugar cravings.

2. Stay Hydrated.  One of the most natural methods to boost your energy is to drink pure water.  Did you know that the most common cause of fatigue and headaches is dehydration! Have you been drinking enough water? Do you even know how much water you are drinking? There are so many great apps on your smartphone to monitor this for you. We have a section of monitoring water intake in our Total Wellness Empowerment membership program. Whatever it takes, be it tracking your water consumption on the smartphone or paper, it’s worth implementing today for maintaining good energy levels and reducing fatigue and headaches.

3. Enhancing your quality of sleep and exercise. Lack of quality sleep will lead to many healthy issues. I would highly recommend reading the previous blog titled  Three Tips to Restorative Sleep since it offers some helpful tips to implement to reach restorative sleep. Remember, you could gain weight because you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep is what rejuvenates your body and increases your energy levels throughout the day.

Enhancing your quality of exercise is crucial since expending energy on exercise creates more for you to use. It’s been proven that physically active people feel more energetic overall than sedentary people, so get moving! Just don’t overdo your exercise regimen, otherwise, it will be counterproductive. Exercise increases your oxygen intake and circulation,  and your brain and mood will benefit while boosting energy levels. If you’re feeling tired, get outside and walk even for 15 minutes to combat the feeling of tiredness and when fatigue is creeping in. Reverse your energy slump with daily exercise.

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Making it a priority to consume nutrient-dense foods, stay hydrated, get quality sleep and incorporate quality exercise into your daily routine is key to reaching your optimal health goals.

Your health is worth it because You are worth the investment of your time and energy.

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