Stress Affects Your Mind & Body


Who isn’t stressed out from time to time? In today’s society, stress is unavoidable so we need to understand what it does to our mind and body and incorporate stress-reducing strategies to survive and thrive.

A little stress can actually be beneficial because it provides a burst of mental energy, focus, alertness and positively impacts performance. The issue is with prolonged or chronic stress because it does negatively impact our health and thoughts.

Chronic stress negatively affects us. Here’s a list of the most common affects:

  • raises our cortisol levels & elevated cortisol is linked to belly fat
  • causes sleep issues
  • brings on symptoms of anxiety, depression and mood issues
  • weakens immune system
  • creates chronic inflammatory responses
  • associated with headaches
  • impairs memory
  • worsens asthma
  • causes imbalance of good & bad bacteria on GI tract
  • linked to back pain
  • causes blood sugar to rise
  • impairs adrenal functioning
  • leads to sugar and simple carbohydrate cravings
  • linked to cardiovascular issues
  • linked to acne breakouts
  • linked to hair loss
  • can cause thyroid issues
  • social withdrawal
  • depletes our levels of important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and B6

I see imbalances throughout the body when looking at Organic Acid test results from a person with chronic stress and it takes awhile to get the person back on track with customized regime of supplements, food recommendations and lifestyle changes.

Combat chronic stress instead of letting it gradually deteriorate your health and happiness.

Meditation, journaling, deep breathing, exercising, dancing, taking on a hobby, socializing with close friends and family, spending time outdoors in nature, getting a massage, yoga and just making sure to incorporate some ‘me’ time is crucial!  What are your stress-reduction strategies?

Remember to set goals and write them down everyday so it’s easier to start implementing what you need and what you’ve learned.

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