Immune Booster Package includes the following eight products:

SmartSilver liquid 8 ounces: Provides preventative support

SmartSilver spray 4 ounces:

Smart Silver Gel 4 ounces: Can apply frequently to hands and dab in nostrils.

Immune Boosting remedy: General homeopathic for immune support 10 drops 3x    

Virus remedy:  support the immune system when fighting a viral infection 10 drops 3x daily

Adrenal remedy including support for hemorrhagic conditions.

Herbal Complex promotes system regeneration, strengthens immune system, acts as antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

Venus Fly Remedy: Charles Darwin referred to the herbal as the most wonderful plant in the world assisting in the production of antibodies and digesting harmful primitive cells, treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, anemia, production of macrophages, improving circulation and reducing fatigue while increasing endurance, and their natural antibiotic and anti-anaphylactic properties.

$214 includes 8 products including homeopathic remedies (each bottle is one fluid once),  Smart Silver spray, and herbals. Shipping & Handling within United States

Cold & Flu Season Immune Packages

Immune System Boost Homeopathic Remedy Package:

5 homeopathic remedies (each bottle is one fluid once)
1 four ounce Smart Silver spray

Virus Remedy:
A complete homeopathic combination designed to help the body combat infection and address the multitude of symptoms associated with viral illness. Helps provide temporary relief from chills, fever, runny nose, body aches, and stomach discomfort.

Immune Remedy:
A synergistic blend of homeopathic ingredients designed to enhance natural immune defenses and support immune cell activity in the presence of infection. Includes specic ingredients that may protect the eyes, ears, nose, throat and lungs from both viral and bacterial pathogens. Can be used as a long term form of immune support or as an immune-boosting tonic in the presence of acute symptoms.

Cough Remedy:
A combination of homeopathic remedies to help soothe irritated mucous membranes that have also been shown to support the relief of persistent, hacking cough and itching of the pharynx. May also support expectorant activity, promoting the elimination and drainage of mucous.

Sinus Remedy:
To provide temporary relief from symptoms associated with acute and chronic sinusitis, sinus congestion and blockage, catarrh and dropsy of the middle ear passages, and chronic ear problems.

Sore Throat Remedy:
To calm inammation and itching of the tonsils and pharynx to soothe throat pain and discomfort. Promotes relief from persistent cough, breathing diculties, and chest pressure while supporting the body in fighting off infection.

Smart Silver 4 ounce spray:
Bioavailable revolutionary and sophisticated form of silver with enhanced pathogen-fighting properties. Targets illness-causing microbes and pathogenic organisms and acts as a potent immune tonic.

$134 includes 5 homeopathic remedies (each bottle is one fluid once), 1 four ounce Smart Silver spray, Shipping & Handling within United States


Immune System Herbal Boost Package:

Echinacea Combination: 1 ounce
Herbal combination designed to provide a shortterm boost to the immune system. The botanicals have been shown to support activity of T-cells, macrophages, and NK (natural killer) cells, making the immune system better equipped to fight off pathogens. Can be used as an immune-booster in the presence of acute symptoms. For long-term, use in a pulsed fashion (3 weeks on, 1 week off) to avoid over stimulation of immune cells. Not recommended for use for chronic infections or in autoimmunity.

Mullein Combination: 1 ounce
Fortifier and cleanser for the respiratory system, mucous remover, bronchial relaxer.

Regenerate Complex: 1 ounce
Fortifies the immune system, and acts as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

Hydration Formula: 1 ounce
Helps correct bodily fluid loss that either threatens or has reached a condition of dehydration.

Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium: 90 capsules
Calcium is responsible for life sustaining nerve impulses and muscle contractions including the heart and kidneys.
Magnesium acts as a balancing companion to calcium. Calcium causes muscle contraction, and magnesium allows muscle to relax. It is important to sustain a proper balance of calcium and magnesium for improved absorption.
Potassium is important to the maintenance of the proper osmotic balance of the body.

$127 includes 4 herbal remedies (each bottle is one fluid once), 1 ninety capsule supplements, Shipping & Handling within United States

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