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IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have done the Organic Acid test (urine), Hormonal test (hormone) or any of the other functional medicine tests, then you need to schedule your session a month after you have sent in your specimens.


Functional Medicine Lab Testing

  • Stop supplements 24 hours prior to testing
  • Eat and drink the same way prior to testing
  • If you are taking medications then continue
  • Test results usually take 3 weeks

Scheduling your Sessions with Nancy

  • Please indicate if Skype, phone or office works best for you.
  • If you are having a Skype session then please send us your Skype Id.

Feeling Empowered?

  • This is the first step to making your health a priority...Congrats!
  • Your health is worth it because YOU are worth it!
  • You will be empowered with the knowledge and motivation to become your own best health advocate.


  • Please email us with any questions.