Promoting Wrinkles with your Diet?


We are all familiar with the common suspects implicated with skin damage like sun exposure, smoking, frowning, and plain aging but what about looking at our food. Gasp, yet another reason to eat healthy and mindful! Well, one of the main culprits to promoting wrinkles is sugar. Darn that little sneaky white substance as it is in everything and so addictive.  Yes, it may provide some pleasure to start but let’s look at the science going on in the body and how it is messing with our face. Excess sugar in your body attacks your cells and bonds on to fats and proteins creating glycation and the end product is ironically called AGEs; short for advanced glycation end products! Inflammation occurs throughout your body and AGEs inhibit collagen production, make cells abnormal and creates free radicals.

The process of glycation happens to everyone so with a healthier diet void or low in sugar, void of white flour products, high fructose corn syrup, cookies, candy, pastries, pasta, whole grains, gluten, high glycemic foods are a good start. Drinking organic green tea, supplementing with alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin D and antioxidants like corn-free Vitamin C and E may also help. Your food intake and lifestyle choices definitely have an impact on the health of your skin.

Remember your health is worth it because You are worth it!




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