Morgellons Treatment & Protocol

Morgellons is a mystery and seems to involve unknown parasites, fungus, protozoa and toxins. I have been recommending and having great success with several homeopathic remedies for individuals that have completed functional medicine testing ranging from Organic Acid Test, GI Comprehensive Stool test, Heavy Metal testing and more. It is best to get a person balanced, nourishing adrenal system, and build up the immune system. Timing is critical to add in remedies. Everyone is unique in biochemistry makeup and adding homeopathic remedies should be monitored.

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Go to our Services page to order the Organic Acid Test (this is the test I’d recommend doing first because it will check 74 markers) and start the process in gaining insight to how your body is functioning. After the results are in then purchase a Skype or phone session with Nancy and review your test results and recommendations for food and supplements.

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  1. Erica
    4 years ago


    I am drawn to your approach with mold exposure and possible morgellons. I am a single mom and widow in a fixes income of $1200 a month, which I use to pay for rent, utilities and necessities. What could you recommend to someone who wants to work with you but is financially challenged?

    Thank you so very much for any feedback. Glad you exist<3

    • Nancy Guberti
      4 years ago

      Best way is the online membership.
      We set 90 day health goals and each month we work on an area.
      It’s educational and empowering all in one.
      Check it out the member benefits here:

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