Messing up your Hormones


Using Total Colgate or hand soaps with triclosan in it? Why should you care if you are? Well, for starters your personal care products can be disrupting your hormone system and negatively impacting your weight, mood and energy levels. In addition, they can mess up your balance of good and bad flora (bacteria) in your gastrointestinal tract weakening your immune system. From cleaning products to cosmetics to toothpaste and hand soap, you may be compounding the total toxic load in your body. Simple daily acts of hygiene from washing your hands and brushing your teeth can be affecting your overall health. Here you think you are being proactive but unless you are reading your labels and scrutinizing everything you use then you may be at risk. Risk for what…

Research linked the use of triclosan to hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, adrenal overload. Studies among pregnant women linked it to low birth rates, smaller heads and earlier births.  In addition, triclosan decreases thyroid hormone levels and you all need properly functioning thyroid hormones for brain development and functioning.

Here’s some DIY action steps that you can implement today:

  1. Get rid of your products with triclosan and choose healthier products.
  2. Take a daily probiotic to replace your good flora that may have been negatively affected by the products containing the ingredient,  triclosan. Here’s three of my favorite probiotics: Click here to get your quality probiotics, once you register an account then search for these quality probiotics, for 5 billion good bacteria the Product Code is PRO-6  for 50 billion good bacteria the Product Code is: THY25  and for 150 billion good bacteria the Product Code is KTF6.
  3. Review your test results from your most current CBC (Complete Blood Count) and see if they also checked for Vitamin D and thyroid markers. So many people do not even ask for a copy of their test results and I would highly encourage you to obtain all copies of your test results, even if your physician has informed you that everything was ‘in range’.
  4. Be empowered to become your best health advocate b/c no one else is truly going to do it for you. You must be inspired to stay committed and motivated to reaching your optimal health.

Why stay in the dark and not know what you are using that’s harmful? Instead, learn about healthy product substitutes. Discover what personal care products that you are currently using on a daily basis are toxic or healthy by ordering an audit.  (Personal Care Audit Report: You know what you put on and in your body truly matters to living healthy and there are really toxic chemicals in most personal care & beauty products, but when it comes time to change you’re busy and don’t have time to research products, analyze labels & ingredients…only to find out you wasted your time and money. That’s exactly why I’m empowering you to get to the bottom of what’s really in the products you use every day and provide a fast track to a personal care routine that’s effective and toxin-free.  You will receive an analysis of your current routine and recommendations focusing on the most toxic products affecting your body. Your every day usage of shampoo, body wash, lotion, moisturizer, foundation, lipstick, deodorant, cleansers, perfumes can be very detrimental to your health.)

Ready to take Charge of your health by joining Total Wellness Monthly Membership today. This is a proven system that keeps you moving towards your optimal health goals with weekly videos and action items. See you there!

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