Mental Health Crisis

Addressing the root causes of mental and behavioral health crises will require taking into account a wide array of health factors. 

Almost a third of U.S. adults are reporting symptoms of either depression or anxiety, roughly three times as many as in 2019, and about one in 25 adults has a severe mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. 

As of late 2022, just 31% of U.S. adults considered their mental health “excellent,” down from 43% two decades earlier.

In the United States, depression is a common mental health disorder. Adults with depression with moderate or severe cases have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, according to a 2023 study published in JAMA Network Open

The latest federal estimates show that about one in eight U.S. adults now takes an antidepressant, and one in five has recently received some mental health care, an increase of almost 15 million people in treatment since 2002. Even in the recent past, from 2019 to 2022, the use of mental health services jumped by nearly 40% among millions of U.S. adults with commercial insurance, according to a recent study in the JAMA Health Forum.

Research is showing that antidepressants are not the cure-all. Medication might help with symptoms, but it can’t overcome the basic facts of someone’s life, whether they’re grieving a loved one going through a divorce, being bullied at school, dealing with discrimination, or struggling with loneliness. 

Taking a Total Wellness approach to mental health is better as the body and mind are connected. Getting beneficial functional medicine labs done will show you where your imbalances are, adding in healthy lifestyle factors like mindfulness, meditation, eating healthy balanced meals, staying adequately hydrated, working on a resilience mindset and exercise, some movement, getting outdoors in nature, staying unplugged for awhile, working on the inside of one’s mind, body, and soul, can make a positive impact. Yes, it’s work, but aren’t you worth it?

Many people need to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle since they are not taught it in school, and doctors do not usually practice it for themselves. I created the Nine Steps to Healthy Living: Look & Feel Great Method, based on 21+ years of clinical research outlining how to incorporate one step at a time to implement it quickly. To solidify the nine steps, you can complete the corresponding action worksheets, making them easier to implement.

Do you think you have Anxiety and Depression at the same time?
Indeed, many people will experience co-existing depression and anxiety. According to a World Health Organization Mental Health Survey, 41 percent of people with a year-long depressive disorder also experienced one or more anxiety disorders over the same 12-month period.

Let’s explore the differences, signs, and symptoms between anxiety and depressive disorders.

Depressive Disorder Symptoms:
Intense feelings of sadness
Suicidal thoughts
Worthlessness or hopelessness

Anxiety symptoms:
Fearful, paranoid, and tense
Sense of worry, dread, or apprehension
Extreme stress
Shortness of breath
Tightness in your chest
Feeling trapped

Overlapping symptoms:
With anxiety and depression, you may experience different symptoms than someone else. Many symptoms are similar in both anxiety and depression.

Here’s a list that can overlap with anxiety or depression:
General sense of irritability or anger
Decrease in your energy levels
Changes to sleeping patterns
Lack of sleep or oversleeping
Unexplained aches and pains
Unable to relax, focus, or concentrate
Decrease in your mood

Anxiety is commonly one of the symptoms of depression.

Nine tips to improve your symptoms:
Be active; get outdoors and exercise, even for a brisk walk.
Eat balanced, healthy meals.
Stay connected socially with positive-minded people and meet in person; reduce social media usage.
Get to bed early to gain quality, uninterrupted sleep.
Deep breathing exercises are great to add to your daily routine.
Write in a gratitude journal.
Register for the Nine Steps to Healthy Living Program
Get tested with the most beneficial functional medicine lab tests to gain insight into how your body functions and what needs nutraceutical support.

Yes, you can reach total wellness of mind and body. You are here for a reason, and to fulfill your dreams and goals, you’ve got to feel your best. 

Do not wait any longer; make yourself a priority today.


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