In the Kitchen with Nancy

What’s all the craze about Paleo?

Let’s start with Paleo Pancakes cause they are delicious, nutritious and great for

weight management as they satisfy those ‘carb cravings’.

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In the Kitchen with Nancy:

Hi! It’s Nancy Guberti, functional medicine specialist, nutritionalist, and healthy lifestyle coach. And today I would want to invite you into my kitchen to show you just how easy it is to make PaleoPancakes. I’m going to show you the mixes I use as well as if you want to do it from scratch, the flours I use and, yes, even gumby-whites PaleoPancake. So let’s get started.

I use organic eggs and you want to use the liquids first. So you want to put all your eggs in a bowl. I cook with glass pots, I even mix with glass. So, that’s how I roll. Then I like to add in apple-cider vinegar. I use this stuff for almost everything–quarter cup. And this will basically help rise the pancakes and then I use so delicious coconut milk, you could use hemp milk if you want. I would not recommend using rice milk because it can be loaded with arsenic as well as it feeds candida. So I put a cup of that because I’m going to make approximately two batches. I have hungry men in this house and we go through these a lot. You just want to whisk that up and then you can use Simple Mills, they have pancake and waffle almond flour mix so just to show you the ease to this– if I can take it out of the box. I have precut the bag. Put that in, and then I like to add King Arthur Flour and this is almond flour as well. You can add some coconut flour in addition. You just want to put enough flour in here that it gets absorbed by the eggs, the apple cider vinegar, as well as the milk. You just want to get it to a nice consistency. I like it a little thicker. Just going to throw the whole bag in. This was three quarters of the bag. Now this is perfect. If you put too much, well that’s easy, you just add more milk. And, if you have too much liquid, then you add more powder. It’s really easy to do. I don’t add oil because I do have a son who is not into oil. But if I were going to, I would use organic olive oil and you could tell that this is actually the olive oil because it has that green tint to it. So this is perfect now to make your pancakes. You can even make muffins with this and you can also add Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips to this and make little chocolate chip cookies so I would highly recommend looking into these ingredients. Hopefully you are familiar with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and so delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk–you don’t need the sugar–as well as Simple Mills, they have many different mixes this is the pancake and waffle mix as well as King Arthur Flour.

So, we are all set, you have pancakes that are not only very filling, they will satisfy your carb craving and therefore they will help you manage your weight. You could actually lose weight eating really healthy filling, satisfying foods. This is actually a comfort food. You can actually put strawberry jam on it to make it even healthier and add some antioxidants to your PaleoPancakes.

So I’d love to hear how you do making your PaleoPancakes muffins, cookies, and you know share this with anyone who wants healthy foods that also satisfy cravings and will also help you maintain weight.

Remember, your health is worth it because you are worth it.

Bye now 😉

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