Holidays, Peace, or Panic Attack?

Holidays, Peace, or Panic Attack?

The most wonderful time of year, the holiday season from Thanksgiving until New Year’s, is supposed to be a joyous, peaceful, and festive time full of celebrations with family and friends. But for many people, it brings holiday panic attacks, anxiety, and stress.

According to the American Psychological Association, approximately 44% of women and 31% of men reported increased stress around the holidays. We must remember that stress is different for everyone, and what may be stressful for one may not be stressful for another. A problem emerges when your expectations of the holidays don’t match reality, leading to depression or anxiety. In addition, changing seasons can cause SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which is a depression leading to changes in behavior and mood, most often in the colder months.

Identify your triggers and plan to avoid them. If you’re worried about spending, create a budget as soon as possible. If holiday shopping stresses you out, do as much of it online. If social situations make you uncomfortable, see if your friends attend the same event. If gathering around the dining table with family members triggers a panic attack, then see if you can sit far away from the toxic people. It would help if you accepted that you can’t change them, so limit exposure, create a contingency plan when they get toxic, and set firm boundaries for your time together. Remember, you do not need to get on their ride! They can spin out of control, and you avoid them like the plague. You can also create new holiday traditions by organizing your dinner plans and inviting like-minded friends or family members. It is essential to guard your heart and enjoy your life. No life guidebook exists for anyone, so write your own.

The more time you have to prepare, the less overwhelmed and anxious you’ll be. Out-of-control anxiety can lead to panic attacks and easily ruin your holiday spirit, but it is possible to overcome it.

Tips to Survive and Enjoy the Holidays:

Keep it Simple

Prioritize Your Health

Schedule Exercise Time to increase endorphins 

Make Time for You

Plan Ahead

Just Say ‘No’

Create a Panic Attack Action Plan

Ask for Help


Live your life by incorporating the 9 Steps to Healthy Living, and you will be on your way to conquering anxiety and panic attacks during the holiday season and throughout the year.

It would be best to understand how your body, adrenal system, gut, and brain work so get tested and discover your neurotransmitters. Following a customized nutraceutical protocol will help support your imbalances and bring you closer to achieving total wellness of mind and body.

Embrace your wellness journey.

You can order your organic acid urine testing so you discover your gut health, nutrient deficiencies (checks Vitamin C, B, glutathione, CoQ10, Biotin, and more), your neurotransmitter levels, as well as toxic exposure, detoxification pathways, oxalates, and Krebs cycle.

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