Health Assessment Tool Checklist

A health assessment will encompass the basic principles of nutrition, sleep and rest, growth and development, progress, stress management, weight management, mental health, overall happiness, total wellness, and awareness. This is a great health assessment tool checklist that you can use monthly or quarterly to help you monitor your progress and track your goal to healthy living.  Making a habit of using a health assessment checklist is just as important as setting career, financial, and life goals. Remember, you need your health to accomplish all you want in life.

Assess Your Overall Living: from Very Low to Very High (1 to 10):

  1. Level of Physical Health
  2. Overall Mental & Emotional Health
  3. Social: Quality of your connections to family and friends
  4. Ability to face your fears and move on. What is then holding you back?
  5. Is your life aligned with your gifts, passions, and values? Relationship with money?
  6. Does your community, significant others support you and enable you to flourish?
  7. Is your environment free of toxins?
  8. Amount of weekly time your spend in healing principle, i.e., meditation, yoga, quietness
  9. Amount spent outdoors in fresh air
  10. Are you cognizant on your breathing?
  11. Do you put time and thought into what you are drinking and eating?
  12. Overall happiness?

Answer honestly so you have a starting point to develop additional strengths and work on areas of improvement. Congratulate yourself on your strengths! You can draw on these as you consider making changes and setting your goals. To begin, look at your areas for improvement and pick one you would like to explore. Give yourself a deadline to accomplish the improvement and then move on to the next area you want to improve and keep going.

Read a page a day to reach total wellness of mind & body.

Are you worth it? I think YOU are!

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