Get Smooth, Baby-Soft Skin with these Foods

Our skin shows signs of aging from a multitude of factors. When we encounter toxins from pollution, pesticides, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, or second-hand smoke, don’t stress because you can nourish your skin by eating these antioxidant-rich foods that counter harmful effects on one’s environment.

Foods high in Vitamin C offer antioxidant properties. These foods include papaya, blueberries, yellow bell pepper, carrots, sunflowers, kiwi, hazelnuts, sweet potatoes, lychees, pumpkin, red bell pepper, olive oil, strawberries, basil, dark chocolate, grapes, apricots, red cabbage, almonds, mango, avocado, brussels sprouts, and melon.

There are many foods to choose from so enjoy nourishing your skin with your healthy food choices. Lifestyle factors such as stress reduction strategies, sleep, exercise, water consumption, toxic-free personal care products are vital for your skin’s health as well.

You can discover the fountain of youth with simple remedies and changes to your lifestyle. Work on restoring your skin health and see and feel the amazing results.

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