Gelatin comes from collagen, the soft protein that connects skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. It’s made from animal parts such as the ears, hides, bones, and skin. Let that sink in the next time you stop chomping on the following foods or using the following products.

What Foods Contain Gelatin:

  • Marshmallow (I have seen Kosher marshmallows during the holiday that will use fish instead of pig by-products.)
  • Icing/frosting
  • Food products with frosting such as Frosted Pop-tarts, Frosted Mini Wheats and other frosted cereal
  • Jell-O (could you even imagine that 400+ million boxes of Jell-O are sold every year, and I really wonder how many people know what’s in the stuff)
  • Candies such as: Skittles, Starbursts Jr, mints, Trident gum, M&M’s, Snicker bars, Peeps, Gummy worms/bears
  • Yogurts (this is why you will see Kosher brands not contain the gelatin) 
  • Cream cheese and Sour cream
  • Coffee, milk substitutes
  • Hostess cupcakes- Hostess brand

Gelatin is usually used in fat-reduced foods to simulate the texture of fat and to create volume without adding calories. Many bakery products contain it as well.

Medications Containing Gelatin:

  • Shells of pharmaceutical capsules,
  • Some throat lozenges
  • Thickening agent in many pharmaceuticals
  • Implantable medical devices, such as in some bonevoid fillers

Personal Care Products:

  • Some lotions, gels, etc.
  • Some makeups, foundations, lipsticks, etc.

So what’s my beef with gelatin, the quality it’s derived from, not to mention if it has antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. thrown in the mix.

You must read labels to see what’s really in your food, medications, supplements and personal care products.

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