Functional Medicine Testing should be an annual occurrence

Your first trip to the toilet in the morning can detect a lot more than pregnancy or urinary tract infections. More than 70 markers in your urine can determine how your entire body is functioning and are key to preventing degenerative diseases, unknown gluten intolerance, low antioxidant levels that make you vulnerable to oxidative stress, and more.

For instance, accumulation of specific organic acids in urine often signals a metabolic inhibition or block. The abnormality could mean that you’re vitamin deficient. Detection of candida overgrowth, bad bacteria buildup, adrenal overload, amino acid deficiencies are vital to know. The test results will provide clues into your current health status. Most conventional doctors do not offer this testing and it is imperative that you work with a practitioner that can interpret the test results and provide a strategy to balance your body to reach optimal health.

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