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Where did the summer go? School time has arrived and kids are going back for another year of learning and fun. This also can mean a time of illness, constant infections, antibiotics, and urgent care doctor visits. Whether you are a teacher returning to the classroom or a parent/caregiver of a school-aged child then it’s time to stock up on some ‘Back-to-School’ health essentials. This busy time can be met with excitement, along with, a lot of anxiety that includes, high hopes for kids to stay healthy, happy and focused on learning and positive socializing.

To help ease some of this anxiety and support overall health and well-being,  here’s  a list of foundational supplements that support one’s immune system, healthy sleep patterns, focusing and adrenal support to ease the anxiety and stress.

Back to School Supplement Supply Kit Essentials:


Kids spend long hours in school, not always making the best choices when it comes to food. On top of that, families are working to juggle extracurricular activities. The reality of these busy schedules means healthy, balanced meals are often taking a back seat to pocket-sized snacks. Probiotics can benefit everyone, even those already consuming nutritious meals, but they become extra important for picky and on-the-run eaters.

Probiotics help improve both digestion and absorption of nutrients, helping kids get the most out of the food they do consume. Taking steps to help children maintain their healthy microbiome will also help to boost their overall health and immune system function.  Research shows that a healthy gut also leads to mood and management. Different products contain different strains of probiotic bacteria, so there is also a benefit to switching things up several months to promote healthy gut bacteria diversity.

Probiotics are one of my favorite supplements to take on a daily basis and I never leave home without them.  I always recommend a high quality probiotic that is not sourced with milk, soy, maize, or maltodextrin.

 Click here to get your quality probiotics, once you register an account then search for these quality probiotics.

For 5 billion good bacteria the Product Code is PRO-6  this is a great one to start with.

for 50 billion good bacteria the Product Code is: THY25  

and for 150 billion good bacteria the Product Code is KTF6

If this is for someone who cannot swallow the capsule then all you have to do is open the capsule and add to water.

In tablet form:

◦HMF Fit for School – Fenestra  Product Code: G44006

Omega 3

Omega-3s are critical nutritional building blocks that support healthy brain development in a variety of ways. Research suggests that adequate Omega 3s are required for proper neurotransmitter function, supporting psychological and behavioral health. Other studies have shown supplementation with Omega 3 may improve memory. Kids brains work extra hard at school having to learn and remember new things every day. In addition, the social environment can present many new emotional challenges. Ensuring adequate daily intake of Omega 3s is essential support for optimal cognitive and emotional health.

◦Kid’s Omega Swirl Fish Oil (lemon flavored)– Barlean’s  Product Code: B16FL

◦Kids Orange – Coromega  Product Code: C45242 (sweetened with stevia & contains egg white as well as pineapple/orange flavor)

◦Liquid Strawberry – DHA Junior  Product Code: DHAJ1 (strawberry flavored)


Elderberry has been shown to significantly help in the fight against the common cold and even the flu, reducing symptoms by an average of four days. Its antiviral activity is powerful at knocking out colds and the elder flower has long been used to promote sweating and breaking flu related fevers. Shown to be most effective when treatment begins prior to an acute issue and especially helpful to take daily when cold and flu season arrives.

◦Elderberry Syrup – Wise Woman Herbals – Product Code: ELD20

Vitamin D

Even with a high-quality multivitamin, it’s likely that children aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to maintain adequate blood levels of calcium by increasing the level of absorption from food, which will help kids build strong bones. Vitamin D plays a critical role in helping regulate the immune system improving immune defense against illness while reducing the risk of autoimmune dysfunction.

Additionally, Vitamin D supports muscle function, cardiovascular function, respiratory function, metabolism and brain development, including proper neurotransmitter function, which affects mood and energy. Did you know that Vitamin D regulates about 1000 genes in the body, making a child’s optimal physical, mental and emotional development heavily reliant on having adequate Vitamin D.

Liquid Vitamin D3 – Protocol for Life Balance – Product Code: P03719 one drop is 1000 I.U.

Vegan version Product Code: P16443 1000 I.U.

Starting the new school year is always a big change, but having a fully stocked supplement supply kit is something parents and kids alike will appreciate.

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