Anxiety and Glyphosate Link

Yes, there is a  link between anxiety and glyphosate. Sub-chronic and chronic exposure to glyphosate increased anxiety and depressive-like behaviors. It is believed that glyphosate may affect health due to its detrimental, lowering effects on beneficial gut bacteria. 

It’s vital to take probiotics daily and eat organic food as much as possible to help keep your anxiety at bay.

Recent studies have shown that glyphosate increasing anxiety and depression since it lowers beneficial bacteria on your gut lining. Also, harmful bacteria such as clostridia are resistant to glyphosate, and that can cause neurobehavioral issues. Did you know that an overgrowth of this harmful bacteria at high levels may be neurotoxic since it releases high levels of noxious metabolites, which may damage the brain? The harmful bacteria create the perfect storm as excessive neurotransmitter dopamine levels can increase free radical activity contributing to mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells responsible for energy (ATP) production, and all health begins in the gut!

You are exposed to glyphosate through the ingestion of glyphosate -contaminated foods. It has been found in formula milk, oats, gluten, wheat, honey, cereal grains, soy, corn, certain vegetables, and fruit. Glyphosate was also found in most beverages derived from agricultural crops, such as beer and wine.

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