9 Steps to Reduce Elevated Estrogen


From one time or another, if you’re a female you’ll probably find yourself with elevated estrogen. Some of the symptoms range from bloating, tenderness in breasts, decreased libido, irregular menstruation, headaches, mood issues, fibrocystic development in breasts, weight gain, hair loss, thyroid issues, memory issues, fatigue, and/or sleep issues. Men may also experience issues with estrogen because they have the hormone as well but at lower levels.
If you find yourself with elevated estrogen and want to lower it with some natural remedies, here’s a few things you can start implementing on a daily basis:
  1. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they tend to be highly estrogenic, especially beer. Steer clear of coffee, teas, soda, chocolate.  If you must have a glass of wine from time to time, I’m no wine connoisseur, but worth mentioning that wines from Sardinia and Spain are supposedly higher in antioxidants and therefore better, specifically Pinot & Merlot.  Drink more pure, filtered water.
  2. Add cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower) or take DIM supplements. Add flax, sesame, leafy greens, green tea and clover to your regime as well. Eating food rich in limonene helps such as cherries, dill, lemons, oranges, mints, tomatoes and caraway OR you can take limonene supplement.
  3. Consume only organic foods as the pesticides wreck havoc on your hormone levels.
  4. Avoid any endocrine disruptors in BPA, plastic containers, bottles, etc. and use natural household cleaners, laundry soap, and get rid of the artificially scented candles. Taking turmeric can help reduce inflammation and chemically induced estrogen causing cancer.
  5. Use only toxic-free makeup, foundations, sunscreens, lotions, etc. as you skin is the largest organ for absorption and you do not want to negatively affect your endocrine system with toxic products.
  6. Improve your gastrointestinal health with probiotics, and enzymes. Take digestive enzymes to help you breakdown fatty foods even if they are healthy fats. Work at removing sugar from your daily regime as it feeds candida and make sure to stay on top of your candida removal supplement regime. Add in magnesium citrate is you are not having a daily bowel movement  as this is the end of digestion so it better be working.
  7. Support your liver detoxification because a sluggish liver can affect estrogen imbalance and neurotransmitters. Some symptoms of a sluggish liver are being very sensitive to alcohol and medications, easily bruised, bad breath, heartburn, sensitivity to chemicals and scents, exhibit body odor, swollen feet or belly and heartburn.  If you are holding extra weight then it’s best to lose that extra weight as estrogen is stored in fat cells. Take a corn-free Vitamin C, folate and liver detox homeopathic remedy or supplements to assist the detoxification pathway.
  8. Reduce your stress as it will raise cortisol.
  9. Get more sleep. Take some melatonin if you need assistance.

To avoid overwhelming yourself, I’d suggest implementing one step at a time to reach your optimal health and balance your hormone levels. Here’s some supplement recommendations you can implement after checking with your medical practitioner. Click here to get your quality probiotics, once you register an account then search for these quality probiotics, for 5 billion good bacteria the Product Code is PRO-6  for 50 billion good bacteria the Product Code is: THY25  and for 150 billion good bacteria the Product Code is KTF6 , Hormone Balance Product Code is ESTRO, Liver Detox Product Code is SE5805, DIM Product Code is DIM13 , Candida Mgmt Product Code is CDX84.

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