9 Foods to Avoid

Think about what you are eating before you consume it…better yet before you even buy it. Ask yourself a simple question, ‘what will this food do for me, my mind, body and future?’ Reading labels is important to make sure you are consuming healthy ingredients. Of course, if you are eating the whole food then it shouldn’t need a label but a UPC code. If it begins with a 9 then it’s organic. Genetically modified organisms should be avoided because does it really make sense to eat something that has been genetically modified vs grown the way nature intended it to be grown?

Here’s the top nine foods to avoid to make your meals healthier and help you reach your optimal health goals:

1. Wheat, Gluten, Corn: for many people wheat and gluten are difficult to digest leading to inflammation with no real benefit of nutrients. Most corn is genetically modified and triggers inflammatory response for many people, especially with adrenal fatigue, adrenal imbalance and GI issues.

2. Casein, Dairy: Many people cannot breakdown these foods and can lead to inflammation and mucous buildup.

3. MSG, Sodium, Nitrates: MSG is monosodium glutamate and is a flavor enhancer linked to health ailments and can trigger headaches, tingling and other symptoms in sensitive people. Do you know if you are one of those sensitive people? Sodium over-consumption can lead to water retention, bloating, and long-term health complications. If eating any processed foods then read your labels because you’d be surprised how much sodium is added to many products. Nitrates are found mostly in preserved meats and many people have a difficult time detoxifying it.

4. Artificial Colors/Dyes: again why are we even consuming anything artificial? Does the label then indicate what the artificial ingredient is made from? Many vulnerable children and sensitive adults can experience negative reactions to artificial colors and dyes.

5. Artificial Sweeteners: these chemicals are usually contained in empty-nutrient based food products. Chemicals such as aspartame and saccharin have been linked to health ailments.

6. Alcohol: Many people do not have control with the quantity of alcohol they consume and have you noticed that many wine glasses are much bigger so what looks like one glass may actually be two. Alcohol can be turned into a toxin and produce free radicals as it depletes the body of important vitamins and minerals. If you are drinking wine at the least make sure it’s organic, otherwise, it comes along with pesticides as grapes are highly sprayed.

7. Fast Food, Fried Foods, Convenience Foods: all contain many unhealthy ingredients, high sugars, high sodium, artificial ingredients and offer very little nutrients.

8. Sugar, HFCS: these are empty nutrients that disrupts your blood sugar levels, feeds candida, cancer cells and can lead to type 2 diabetes and obesity. HFCS is high fructose corn syrup and contains mercury!

9. Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Oils): most processed foods contain these unhealthy oils and can affect your health in a negative manner.

So what’s left for you to eat? Checkout my Instagram food photos to see how yummy it can be! Lean healthy proteins, vegetables, fruit, fermented foods, sprouted seeds and nuts, healthy fats and much more.

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