Toxic Tap Water

Toxins in Tap Water

The tap water in many cities pose a health risk to humans and pets and sometimes the truth of what’s really in our tap water does not get disclosed. Some sources of our tap water are not adequately protected and some rely on pre-World War I-era delivery systems and treatment technology.  The main problems with tap water are:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Other contaminants (PCBs, THMs, radon, perchlorate, heavy metals such as lead and arsencic)
  • Trihalomethanes, or THM’s, include chemicals such as chloroform, bromoform and dichlorobromethane, all of which are extremely carcinogenic even in minute amounts.
  • Chloramine: Chloramine is another substance used now in many larger municipalities

Here are some other issues:

It is estimated that 90% of all pharmaceutical drugs ingested are not metabolized, and leave the body in urine or feces. Pharmaceutical drugs are showing up in our tap and ground water. Environmental officials state that there is no real danger with the ‘low’ levels of the drugs found in tap water but there is no research of studies to assess the mix of these drugs is safe and at what level.

The following drugs have been found in our wells and ground water:

–Lipid lowering drugs


–Chemotherapeutic drugs



–Acetaminophen (pain killer)

–Carbamazepine (anti-convulsant)

–Cotinine (nicotine byproduct)

–DEET (insect repellant)

–Diltiazem (high blood pressure)

–Gemfibrozil (high cholesterol)

–Ibuprofen (pain reducer)

–Iopromide (medical imaging contraster)

–Meprobamate (sedative)

–Paraxathine (stimulant)

–Primidone (anti-epileptic)

Further research:

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