Survive & Thrive the Holidays


Holiday time is amongst us again and you may be wondering where the time went!

Holidays can be stressful as well as exciting trying to manage different personalities that are joining you for the holiday can trigger a eating frenzy. If certain people that visit during the holidays trigger past feelings of insecurity and self-doubt then you may turn to food and drink to numb those feelings. Making matters worse, you may be surrounded by some unhealthy food options and portion control may be the least thing on your mind. Awareness of your feelings to certain people and food around you will make you in control of your food choices and overall confidence and happiness. Don’t let anyone steal your joy or your control of yourself.

I always strive to and remind my clients to develop a healthy relationship with food just like people. Both food and people can be toxic or nourishing to us. Choose wisely as you must own your life, body, mind and your choices. Living a healthy lifestyle without feeling anxious or lacking confidence, imposing rigid rules or getting overwhelmed is the key to living life to the fullest!

Let’s review some easy steps to stay healthy this holiday season and negate adding extra weight on and go into the upcoming here slender and strong. The average person will consume at least 5,000 calories in one day & that’s being conservative, even worse, studies conclude that the holiday weight gain does not come off in the new year and it’s just compounded from year to year.  Always ask yourself if you are hungry or eating out of nervousness, anxiety or boredom.

Here’s your 9 Step checklist to keep in mind and actually implement this holiday:

  1. Start the day with exercise as staying physically active usually results in gaining less and can even manage to lose weight.
  2. Meditate and read some motivational quotes to get you in the best frame of mind. Mindset is everything!
  3. Socializing with your family and friends can be done outdoors with a brisk walk instead of around the table. In between courses, you can start a dance party with great music!
  4. Stay hydrated throughout the day and remember that alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate you. Not drinking enough water can spark hunger and you may just be thirsty.
  5. Skip the appetizers or just choose the clean food options like carrots and veggies minus the dip.
  6. Chew slowly cause how quickly we eat does matter. Fast eaters over consume. Wait 20 minutes before reaching for seconds as that’s how long it takes for you to feel full.
  7. Monitor your liquid calories from eggnog to sparkling apple cider to alcohol. Avoid excessive sugar and choose wisely.
  8. Take your probiotics, digestive enzymes and in case you get food poisoning or an upset stomach you can look into activated charcoal.
  9. Get ample sleep to deal with family time and resisting over-eating.

At the end of the day, holidays should be enjoyed with loved ones & quality food. Don’t stress but enjoy it!


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