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One big motivator to incorporate a nutritious diet is to improve one’s skin health. Many people suffer and struggle with acne, dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage and rosacea and finding a holistic solution to problematic skin starts with one’s eating regime.

Nutrient dense, whole foods approach with attention to vitamins, minerals, is a holistic approach to treat skin issues. In particular, Vitamins A, C, K2, E, B5 (pantothenic acid), selenium, biotin, zinc, sulfur, probiotics, and enzymes are very helpful to obtain from food and supplements.

We must remember our ‘core’ health is linked to our skin health so what we eat will either nourish or be problematic for our skin. There is a link between one’s gut health to one’s skin health. This is where quality probiotics and enzymes assist with boosting one’s health and skin vibrancy.

The conventional answer is topical or medications and this is just a mask. The answer is to get to the root cause and find the imbalances in one’s internal functional with the use of functional medicine testing. One of the most informative tests check over 70 markers providing insight into how one’s body is functioning, where the imbalances are and then with a skillfully designed customized regime incorporating food and supplements into your daily regime. The daily regime will connect a healthy lifestyle to healthy skin. Do not miss the opportunity to make some important improvements in your regime so you can gain optimal skin health.

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