Migraine Prevention


Migraines are down right painful and there are many factors that can cause or trigger the migraine as well as certain foods to avoid. The intensity of a migraine is greater than a regular headache, and it’s usually accompanied by other debilitating symptoms such s weakness, nausea and light sensitivity. Migraines are usually due to temporary changes in the nerve conduction within the brain that causes inflammatory changes in the nerve cells that create pain.

Some triggers of a migraine are:

fluctuations in estrogen,
food with MSG,
alcohol consumption,
climate changes,
sleep habit changes,
certain medications.

What can you do?

First thing is to write a daily food journal to determine if certain foods you are consuming are triggering the migraine. The goal is to consume preventive foods and remove the trigger ones. While food journaling, you should also track your sleep, stress, weather changes and your migraines.

The following foods & beverage help prevent migraines:

orange, yellow, and green vegetables, such as summer squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach
spring water
brown rice
non-citrus kinds such as cherries and cranberries
vanilla extract

Foods to avoid are:

dairy products
wheat, including pasta and bread products,etc.
citrus fruits
nitrites found in foods
alcohol, especially red wine
food additives, such as MSG
aged cheeses
foods high in tyramine like bananas and avocados.

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