Wellness Empowerment Program for your Employees

The Wellness Empowerment (We) program is a corporate wellness program. My private practice has evolved over the last 14 years ranging from special dietary needs children to adults of which 95% of them are corporate executives, and there is a common pattern amongst the executives displaying symptoms of adrenal fatigue, executive ADD, lack of mental clarity, sleep deprivation, mood swings, mental and physical exhaustion as well as needing guidance to implement healthy lifestyle strategies and DIY (do-it-yourself) steps.

Right now, the Wellness Empowerment Program is being utilized at brokerage firms, Asset Management firms and Fortune 500 companies for retreats, educating their top producers and for new hire training.

It starts with an in-person kickstart presentation getting everyone motivated and inspired to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. To instill healthy habits and continue promoting the healthy learning, a continuing education online video series is offered over 4 weeks. Each participant completes an intake form beforehand, and there are contests and awards for employees who complete the weekly assignments.

The rise of healthcare costs coupled with the increase in diagnosed illnesses such as obesity, anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension have left a fiscal bruise on the corporate budget. This is a call to action for employers to partner with those skilled in keeping employees healthy. The solution for the employer is the Wellness Empowerment program.

Wellness Empowerment programs can be customized for any size company and on any budget. The bottom line is seeing a positive return on your investment (ROI) while providing services to insure the health and longevity of both your employees and your business. What could be more positive than providing activities that promote health and wellness? On-site wellness programs promote greater productivity in your company, lower overall health care costs, and reduce absenteeism by making an investment in your workforce. It just makes fiscal sense, so what are you waiting for?

Partner with a practitioner who has previous corporate experience and business sense to relate to your employees. Gain personal attention from someone who has worked for 15 years in the corporate world and has her own private practice as a Functional Medicine Specialist and Biomedical Nutritionist for the past 14 years. Nancy’s passion is to educate, empower and guide employees along their path to success with reaching optimal health and productivity.