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Anxiety is a symptom that has a root cause.

Anxiety symptoms can be debilitating. Many people fear their symptoms are caused by serious medical or mental illness.
Thankfully, gaining insight into how your body is functioning & where your imbalances are can help you feel better.
Learn how to get your body in balance so you can eliminate anxiety symptoms and remove the fear about them.

Many people struggle with anxiety disorder and its symptoms for years, often including panic attacks.
We often hear them ask, "Why won't my anxiety just go away? I feel stuck and hopeless to getting better!"
There are good reasons why anxiety disorder and its symptoms don't disappear on their own.
That's where specific functional medicine testing and a customized regime will offer insight into the
biomedical imbalances exacerbating your anxiety and symptoms.
It's time to find out what's really going on inside you!

Healing Anxiety with Functional Medicine

Instead of just suppressing symptoms, specialized lab testing help connect the Dots. The health of the gut to the health of the brain. Fire in the gut, fire in the brain, if you have inflammation, dysbiosis in the gut, bacterial or fungal overgrowth, then that is going to produce an inflammatory response that affects the brain and causes inflammation. Dysfunction in the gut can lead to a variety of cognitive, mood, and behavioral disorders, so not just anxiety, but also depression. Next we need to look at neurotransmitter levels and your nutrient levels as they play an important role in mental health. Gain insight into any imbalances since that can lead to anxiety and other cognitive and mood disorders.

This is Your Time to Conquer Your Anxiety & Reach Total Wellness

Benefits of Functional Med Lab Testing for Your Anxiety

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I want you to know there is hope!

As a functional medicine specialist & nutritionist, I strive to share the best remedies to balance the body working on both the inside and outside so you rid yourself of anxiety! Truly passionate about providing you with the insightful functional medicine lab testing to discover what's going on and work on correcting any biomedical imbalances with the best quality and highest strength products humanly possible... that 'actually work'.

Start feeling great today by taking action in learning what's going on inside you to feel this way and make the changes to live your best life now!


Finally! I understand what my root cause to anxiety is coming from and the customized regime has helped me tremendously. ~J.P.

The testing showed me what I was dealing with and the regime provided a blueprint to healing. ~Julie

Wish I did this a long time ago, but at least I did! Working with Nancy and my doctor, I was able to get off certain meds. ~Bobby